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Last Night of Winter

The story takes place in an old stronghold, at the last days of a great battle. You died, but your will was stronger than your body, so you woke up again, to continue the siege in a never ending night.

Remembering little more than your purpose, you'll have to leave the dungeons, advance through the stronghold's outskirts, and reach the most high tower. To find the Heir and end your curse.

//--- Features:
· Non-linear map where you'll be unlocking access to new places once you have acquired special items or abilities within the game.
· Fast paced combat focused on skill, where every enemy is different from the others and even the more harmless looking one can be deadly.
· Multiple weapons with very different movesets that completely change the gameplay, and the way you face the different challenges of the game.
· Different NPC's, each one with its proper story and quest.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Excellently written story and fantastically challenging game that's going on my favorites list from now until the end of time.
As an homage to the Warden's challenge I decided to beat the entire thing in one real life night and it was wonderfully nerve-racking checking the clock every time I died to see the precious minutes I had left to complete my quest before my night ended. One issue: I NEED to listen to the final boss theme on a daily basis, where do I obtain/purchase the soundtrack? I looked through each and every public upload for all of the artists in music credits but I could not find it. Please help and thanks for the exhilarating experience!