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Laser Burst

Laser Burst is a logical puzzle game that requires players to rotate and position double sided mirrors that direct lasers through a maze to pop balloons.

  • 50 unique levels

  • Level editor

  • Ability to make and share millions of level combinations via the Steam Workshop

  • Level completion ratings

  • 6 puzzle pieces
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

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last time I checked, there were about 5 billion laser-redirecting puzzlers in existence, but laser burst is definitely one of the better ones.
the goal, predictably, is to pop all the balloons by placing mirrors facing the right way. left click puts a mirror on a valid tile, right click rotates it before it's placed, so make sure it's facing the right way first. mirrors can't be removed, so basically there's no undo, but it's a non-issue, most levels are pretty short anyway. I found it weird that the laser automatically fires after every placed mirror, but it's often necessary to clear balloons out of the way and make room for more mirrors.
there are 50 levels, unlocked one by one. the difficulty is somewhat uneven, and not only because 17 of them got added after release, but I didn't mind a breather after a trickier puzzle, and exploding balloons were a fun mechanic, introduced after about a dozen levels. rating is based on the number of mirrors used, if you have 2 left, it's usually good enough for a perfect.
the presentation is fine, the music is really good, and there are separate volume settings, v-sync, resolutions and windowed mode, but they're only available from the main menu. a static background toggle and on-screen level numbers would be nice, but a level editor and workshop support are also part of the package, so if the game finds an audience, there's hope for more content.
I'm not a huge fan of these games but enjoyed some of them, and this is pretty good as well, not stressful at all, no need for pixel-perfect precision. it takes about 2-3 hours, the price is reasonable, recommended for fans of laser-redirecting. oh, and the minimum requirements on the store page are greatly exaggerated, the game works fine on win7 and much worse hardware.

Review from Steam

Starts out simple and engages the brain by level 6 or 7. Did around 20 levels in the first hour but not all to 3 stripes. Need to revisit some, lol. The slow introduction of new things was a nice progression reward. The later levels will definitely get you thinking! Would also be a great gift for someone who likes puzzles.