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Lakeview Cabin 2

"This time, the terror is real..."

Play as four companions as they use anything they can find to survive against terrifying foes. Explore the possibilities of emergent gameplay and dive deeper into the lore of the Lakeview. Just make sure you have a plan before the night falls...

-Sequel to Lakeview Cabin Collection (2015)
-First episode is in the game, with three more to come!
-Play alone or with your friend! 2-player CO-OP available from the start!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This is a Terry Bruge-Hiplo exclusive report.
Cabin in the lake 2 is the new lake cabin in the woods game. It's exactly what you expect, a cabin near a lake, cults, murder, scary ghosts (I think), another cult, pixelated genitalia and pure violence. Exactly what every cabin owned experiences on a daily basis.
The second cabin is actually a hotel though, that's a new experience.
I give this game a premature kiss from quite a few people with really wet mouths.

Review from Steam

Great puzzle, great game, got me thinking how terrible i am at games everyday.

Review from Steam

Amazing in every way! Buy it and you wont regret it

Review from Steam

I was shot by multiple terrorists inside of a hotel.

Review from Steam

Another creepy, crazy, addictive, and incredibly fun game from a brilliant indie designer who really appreciates the horror genre. If you liked the first game you'll love this one

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

Lakeview Cabin 2 is an amazing continuation of Lakeview Cabin Collection. If you enjoyed Lakeview Cabin Collection or are a fan of indie pixel games, than I can't recommend this game enough. I personally think that horror games are the most saturated genre, it seems every game is the same, and that's why I love this game so very much, just like LCC, it's very unique. Although there has only been 2 of the 4 episodes released so far, I've spent almost as much time on this game as I did on LCC. Like I said before, I can't recommend this game enough.