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King Boo

Play as King Boo, who unfortunately has lost their royal adornments and must find them back before being allowed back in the castle!

Discover a cute, handcrafted 3D isometric platforming world: from grass fields to desert to snow lands and mountains, all in a colorful, distinct low-poly style.

Playthrough randomization
Each game is unique, in the sense that item locations are randomized for each playthrough and your objective may not be in the same location as it was in last game!

Your objective
Find your way across the land, collecting items that grant access to new areas. Locate all three pieces of royal adornments and reclaim your castle!

Aimed at young players
King Boo was developed with young players in mind. The controls are simple, challenge/stress is low and the visuals are colorful and appealing. An ideal starting point for future gamers!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Nintendo be like: 🤨

Review from Steam

Ideal game to get young children started with adventure games!

Review from Steam

Picked this up for my 4 year old nephew to play and he really enjoyed it.
• Really great for small kids just learning how to play exploration/adventure type games.
• I loved that the music was super chill and peaceful
• There are no consequences and no failure. So if you fall off the map it just sets you right back where you fell off and lets you keep playing.
• Graphics are adorable, and my nephew really enjoyed the little easter eggs he found in the level (like the circus tent that lets you change colors and a small little bat friend that follows you around).
• The game only has two levels: a basic intro level to teach you the gameplay and then a large secondary level. My 4yr old nephew was able to beat them both in about 20mins total.
• If you are purchasing this for a small child, I would caution that the jump between the tutorial level and the main level is quite drastic as the map increases exponentially in size. While the game designers have built in a balloons feature that let's you zoom out on the map a bit to see where you are/where you need to go, it only zooms out to still show a small portion of the map. As an adult this would be great, but my 4year old really struggled with figuring out how to not just walk in circles and remember where they were/figure out where to go. That said, after encouraging him to stick with it and not just give up, he eventually figured it out and was able to beat the game with very little adult help.

Review from Steam

My 3 year old is really enjoying this game. He also plays things like Mario 3d world on the Wii U and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the switch (poorly), so the fact that he asks to play this game is a good sign. I just downloaded the candy update. I'm sure he will be excited about the new themes and maps.
It didn't take him long to get the mechanics, and he can play for about an hour at a time. If you have a toddler, give it a shot!