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Karma crown is a post-apocalyptic Logue-like 2d top-down shooter game focused on players' strategic choice and movement control.
Wasteland legend told that the one who gets 'the crown of the glorious city' gets all the power and to erase karma.
So our Players begin to journey following the legend.

Key features
-Before entering the next stage. a player is at crossroads as to what to do with money.
Ex) buy health, item, or weapon.

-All weapons have unique Characteristics. Through this players can choose the right weapon for the right situation.
so a player can experience various play styles.

-All weapons have weight and overheat. these affect a player's movement and shooting. through this, a player can
control game-face, overall, dynamically change game speed.

-Through item directly affect a player, weapon, or other items, a player gets stronger, ultimately these lead to experience various play styles.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Well, Nuclear Throne it is not (and it is clearly very, very strongly inspired by Nuclear Throne), but I like the vision on display here, plus more Nuclear Throne is always a good thing.
Okay, enough about Nuclear Throne.
Some of the issues highlighted by the first reviewer in November 2021 have already been fixed: the obnoxious screen shake can now be toggled off, the character movement seems less floaty, there has been a soundtrack added, and so on.
There is still plenty to improve here. My suggestions would be to
focus a bit more on some organic storytelling, because currently all the context we've got is the store page blurb
add a bit of oomph to the sfx, as they are lacking
a quick restart option would be very appreciated, as going through the character selection screen every time you die is super tedious
not a fan of the crafting system, imo it slows down the runs severely
it is sometimes hard to distinguish between enemies and background, as the graphics tend to be a bit murky
Adding more features (weapons, characters) would be cool, too, but for the time being I feel it's best to focus more on the basics and the overall polish.
Anyway, KarmaCrown still has plenty enough charm (I'm especially a fan of the graphic design, the chunky pixels and enemy designs are superb), is very affordable, plus the developer seems to listen to people's suggestions – let's just hope we'll see more updates in the future!