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Just Take Your Left

A challenging but fun point-and-click adventure game. Morris's detective mission is to fetch a fabulous diamond from the Ghost Palace. He's totally reluctant to go to that damn place!

This exciting game features cartoon cinematics with over 3,000 hand-drawn animation frames.

From the notes of Detective Morris:

« My new mission was to go to the haunted Ghost Palace to find a great big diamond. I had no desire to go to that wretched place at all! You might think I was scared, but that wasn't the case at all! Of course, my boss didn’t think anybody was up to the job except me! So I decided to take on this thrilling mission. Unfortunately for me, the task was much more insane than I had ever anticipated! Wandering ghosts and an annoying big rat kept catching me off my guard and attacking me! So finding diamonds was a big disaster, but I won’t spoil the surprise any further! You’ll just have to play the game and see what happened to me... »
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Incredibly short game, about 30mins to complete.
Easy trial & error problem solving.
The music is annoying and repetitive without separate volume control to the sound effects.
Overall I'll give it a thumbs up because of the excellent animation and dry humour.