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Intruders: Hide and Seek

Intruders: Hide and Seek is a first-person stealth game, an intense thriller combining intense psychological terror with the point of view of a defenseless boy. In this new, VR compatible experience, you become Ben, the eldest of the Richter family children. While on vacation at a country house, you’re the witness to three dangerous intruders slipping into the house and taking your parents hostage. With your parents restrained and your sister hiding, you’re stuck in the house with the intruders. You’ll have to find the way to save your family while you figure out who the three assailants are and what they want. You cannot run away or confront them. Your only option is... to hide.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Experienced on the Meta Quest 2. VR only, Spoiler-Free Review!
You can view my review & gameplay here:
This is a narrative-driven game with some stealth sections. It took me a little under 3 hours to get the end credits. While I did enjoy the narrative, the core stealth gameplay loop was simply too basic. It was just a matter of picking the correct route through trial & error, along with some timing to avoid the enemy patrols. While there are some hiding spots you can get, they are a small portion of the stealth sections.
I found the stealth sections to be mostly irritating to have to complete. It was just through trial & error and some basic map knowledge that I was able to trudge through. On the other hand, the story was much darker than expected and it kept me on the edge of my seat. While the voice acting was solid overall, the visuals were muddy, with poor lighting and some poor animations as well.
Game is running on the Unreal Engine. On my RTX 3080, I was getting a steady 90 fps on ultra graphical settings. I did not experience any serious issues or bugs. You do have full locomotion and smooth and snap turning available, along with comfort options. VR interactions are pretty basic point & click interactions.
WARNING: Motion controllers are not supported. You must use KBM or a gamepad!
Sale Price Rating 6/10. It's currently only $2 USD on the current Steam sale. It's an easy recommend at that price, but I would not pay full price for this game.
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Review from Steam

I'm a bit late to the party with this game, but wow! This was a lot better than I expected it to be.
Great style/graphics, wonderful environment to explore, challenging stealth/enemies and a good story too.
I'd certainly recommend this one.

Review from Steam

How long will you hide?
Story *spoilers free
The story like most thriller movies, starts slowly first introducing the characters and the place. So there is a plenty of time at first to familiarise oneself with the house layout which is gonna come in handy later. The atmosphere is calm at the beginning however, it gets intriguing as we discover secrets everything became more and more complicated than I thought. The ending however was kinda disappointing for me.
Game mechanics
Gameplay involves a lot of hiding. You can hide in the closets and small cabinets (what a surprise they are always empty!). A unique feature is kind of a pulse gauge when the captors get close to the place you are hiding in, so you got to keep pressing button to calm yourself down. The controls are kinda stiff though which can result in a worse immersion but you got used to it after a while. I've encountered several glitches along the way when npcs couldn't find me after seeing me close by. I would say that overall the game is rather easy, because even when you got spotted, you can repeat the same moment again avoiding what's coming next. The npcs are mostly scripted so don't expect them to roam around the whole house all the time, because when you proceed they begin to move in area you are in.
I was nice surprised with indoor layout in the game. The graphics is detailed, there are nice decals and raining effects. You can on balcony later in the game and it's setting up the mood just right. However the outside looks just terrible, it's like if it was made by someone who doesn't go outside often - very narrow passages and almost no trees whatsoever then suddenly a small shack squeezed into this passage which looks like an airport gate. You don't get this feeling you are in a house in the middle of the forest.
The music in this game builds the atmosphere very nicely. The suspense, the chase, it's all in the right place and with a right tone. Sounds are believable and not bad at all.
The story was decent at first however it might be kinda lacking at the end. Game features good hiding mechanics but you can encounter several bugs across the way. The visuals are nice indoors, however the rest of the map might be not as good. Audio is nice, especially suspence moments got this nice chase like feeling. Overall I would recommend the game for people who loves indie stealth based games for the rest it might be just not enough.

Review from Steam

I had bought this game during the Christmas Sale of 2021 just a week back. So I got it for very cheap ₹52/- and was so worth it. Man this game was an experience like no other and would definitely recommend this game to anyone who would like to try playing a story based horror stealth game. Yes, it is possible to complete this game in 4 hours despite dying so many times the way I did. The storyline is amazing as well as the characters. I like the art style of this game and the 100% controller support. I played this entire game with a controller. Without revealing any spoilers I would still like the point out/suggest a few things:
1. I got this game during the christmas sale and it was very cheap. Making this game really worth it.
2. This game is very controller friendly. Infact there's a slide that comes up at the start of the game saying its best played on a PC controller. I finished this entire game with a controller. This game can be played with mouse and keyboard too however I'm a controller player.
3. The stealth mechanics in the game are quite interesting. You have the option to hide inside closets and cabinets but you can also crouch walk to avoid the intruders. The camera height and angles also give you the idea that you're a kid trapped in the house with tall kidnappers, creating that helpless feeling around you.
4. The storyline is great esp the plot twist at the end. The devs have done a great job esp for an Indie game which was available at such a discounted price!
5. I got a very smooth gameplay at high graphics settings. And I have a low specs gaming laptop (Windows 10, i5 processor, Nvidia GeForce MX150, Ram 12 GB).
6. In order for you to navigate the dark you have a flashlight. So that's a plus :]
1. You don't actually know which room the intruders are in and what walking pattern they have. So you get endless jumpscares (which could be the point of the game but could be avoided by adding sounds of footsteps)
2. I understand the devs had a budget and its an Indie game. But the animation can be slightly improved, esp the hand gestures, expressions on the face, dynamic poses etc. The animations look like the games we used to play back in 2001. Ofc a good game doesn't have good graphics but I think the animations could be better.
3. There were collectibles in the game however they do NOT explain any lore in the game. The pieces of puzzle you have to collect don't reveal the complete puzzle, the docs you have to collect also don't reveal much additional lore. Combined that with the game not paying much emphasis on the collectibles make the collectibles useless. And while I got 22 out of 27 achievements, the ones I didn't get are the collectibles.
4. The panic thing where I have to press the left key to align with the heartbeat while hiding in the closet was unnecessary. It could've been avoided since I got the panic attack thing only once in the entire game.
All in all, I think this is an amazing game. a few cons yes, but the pros outweigh the cons. I'd still say this game should be bought while it's at a discount. But it is very user friendly and explores a rather great storyline and if you're a PC controller player, I'd definitely suggest you into buying this game. And if you do buy it, make sure you play at night and turn off the lights, it will enhance the gameplay a lot better. All the more support to Indie game devs! :]