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In It Together

In It Together is a retro inspired 2D puzzle platformer where you go into dangerous areas and solve problems to retrieve suitcases from the pesky Bandidos Gang. You have no attacks. What you find on the ground is what you need to use to take out the enemy.SINGLEPLAYERThis is a story based Singleplayer campaign spanning 50 levels in which you have to figure out on your own how to get through. Each world gets progressively more complex with more mechanics, and objects to use. Throw a bowl at a glass wall, throw a bomb at a brick wall, roll a barrel through a tunnel, roll a snowball and see it grow into a force of destruction. Singleplayer should be a great experience for all the lonewolves out there.

CO-OPHence the name In It Together, the Co-op campaign lets you and a friend work together to solve the problems. Co-op tells the same story as Singleplayer, but here there is a set of 50 different levels that are designed around working together. All the same throwing mechanics are here, but now you must also carry and throw each other, pass objects back and forth and do tasks that make coordination and communication crucial. (The Co-op only works locally, but Steam Remote Play is an option if you want to go online.)

BATTLEHere you can play against each other in 2 to 4 player competitive modes.

In Team mode you must collect as many suitcases as possible, and bring them back to your base. Beware of the enemy team, because they can steal them back. Use what you find on the stage to knock back, shoot or blow up your opponent.

In Free For All it's everyone versus everyone, and all you have to do is hold on to the golden suitcase for as long as you can.

In Team Championship the rules are the same as normal Team, but here you play through a series of matches until one team gets declared the winner.

(All multiplayer modes are local only, but Steam Remote Play is an online option.)
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's an enjoyable Puzzle Platformer, that remind me of games similar to Mario Vs. Donkey Kong on the GameBoy Advance.
The Single player mode has some really interesting and creative puzzles, some that makes you think what your next step should be.
I haven't tried the Co-op mode yet, but i look forward to try it with someone.
Overall worth your time if you like these types of games.

Review from Steam

So I decided to check this game out as it was made by a YouTuber I used to watch when I was younger, it was cheap and it didn't seem to get much attention. I'm glad I did because this is a legitimately great puzzle platformer game. Your objective is to go into a small level to collect briefcases and gold bars by picking up and throwing objects that will help you get to your objectives. For example throwing plants to break glass. Sounds pretty simple but each level introduces cool new mechanics and things to pick up that expand on the formula in clever ways, but the level design doesn't waste any time in getting you to grips with them without ever getting overwhelming, so you're constantly getting those "aha!" moments you want in a puzzle game without being bored by tutorials or being stuck in the same section for too long. I'm only on World 3 of I believe 5 but I don't see the game getting any worse (I like it enough to review the game now). The levels themselves are fairly short so it's a great game to pick up for a bit and put down but it also can be pretty addicting to go for another level right after finishing one. The game also has a pretty cool sense of style with its character designs and white outlines over a dark environment.
You get a lot of bang for your buck with this. You get a full single player campaign and a full co-op campaign with its own levels I haven't tried yet. You also get a battle mode which again I haven't yet tried but based on what I've seen looks like it could be pretty fun in its own right. I think I'm halfway through the single player so even if I don't get around to the other modes, 4 or so hours is a pretty good length for the price of admission.
If I have some minor grips, the audio doesn't loop very well which can be pretty jarring, the dynamite blast radius could maybe be better communicated because it's very wide, and while I guess that is the punishment for dying but on normal difficulty it can be a little annoying having to redo puzzles after death.
Overall this one deserves a lot more attention than it's getting, it's just very solid and it keeps itself interesting through its level design.
EDIT: After finishing the game I'm happy to say the quality did not diminish in the later levels, in fact I enjoyed the game even more. Heavily recommended, hoping to try out the other modes soon!

Review from Steam

In It Together is a puzzle platformer inspired by classic platforming games that makes you complete puzzles with a lot of different mechanics and with varying difficulty. The game has a lot of content with 50 stages in single player, and 50 more stages in co-op. In addition to this there is a Battle mode, which is really fun to play with friends. The Battle mode has 15 more stages, and several different ways to play, so there is a ton of replayability. If you like platforming games with a bit of challenge this is definitely a game i would recommend picking up. If you want to test out the game before purchasing it i would highly recommend downloading the demo as it lets you get a sense of how the game is played.