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At its core, Imperius is an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master space RTS game that leverages creativity to achieve victory. Construct powerful fleets, plan ahead, and utilize powerful abilities across 6 campaign missions, featuring unique environments and a variety of foes.

In the distant future, the Imperius has risen as a powerful expansionist state on the edge of the galaxy, remaining virtually undefeated over decades of war. But its latest conquest, against the alien Divinity, has proven a costly victory — and not yet complete. While the Divinity has officially been defeated and fully annexed, unrest seethes on the distant Frontier. As the Imperius Navy struggles to contain the growing Divinity insurgency, other forces may be plotting against the empire, too…

It will be up to you, Admiral Erwin Cadieux, to discover, observe, and eliminate all who would oppose the empire.

Glory to the Imperius.Features:

Lore-Rich Campaign: Experience the story of the Imperius on edge, supported by a cast of voiced characters, and read up on the lore through the in-game Database.

Explosive Gameplay: Build your base, collect resources and power-ups, and command specialized units to defeat a formidable variety of alien foes. Some scenarios will test your strategic genius with powerful boss enemies and other complications.

Beautiful Visuals: Enjoy the sensory spectacle of titanic ships and starbases tearing each other apart with lasers, missiles, and exotic weaponry.
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