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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

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Midwinter Year 5

Deadwinter Day has arrived once again in Longsaddle. While most citizens keep warm in their homes and exchange gifts to celebrate the midpoint of winter with friends and family, the Champions have been hired by the infamous Harpells to patrol the outskirts of town...

Midwinter 5 introduces Rust on the Habour, hydrophobic Tabaxi rogue and sometimes member of the Oxventure Guild. Midwinter also brings back Talin Uran, a Combat Wheelchair-using Tiefling Rogue, a Combat Wheelchair-using Tiefling Rogu, and Môrgæn, the High Elf Ranger (Hunter) played by Morgan Webb also on Acquisitions Incorporated. Players have until Monday, January 24th at 12 PM Pacific to complete their Midwinter 5 unlocks and objectives.

About the GameIdle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is an officially-licensed Dungeons & Dragons strategy management video game uniting iconic characters from novels, campaigns, and shows into one epic adventure.

Your adventure begins with the legendary Bruenor Battlehammer from R.A. Salvatore's Forgotten Realms novels, Celeste from the Neverwinter MMORPG, and Nayeli Goldflower from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide TTRPG Book. Players unlock additional Champions through adventures and events, including Drizzt Do'urden, Artemis Entreri, Farideh, Havilar, Minsc, and Arkhan the Cruel.

Gameplay gets deeper with each Champion you unlock. Master formation strategy to complete hundreds of adventures based on official Wizards of the Coast D&D books like Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, and Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.Key Features:
  • Unlock Renowned Champions
Collect renowned Champions from the world of Dungeons & Dragons, including fan-favourites from the Force Grey series. Unlock more Champions and gear to add to your party in limited-time events.

  • Formation Strategy
Mastering the position of each Champion to maximize their special abilities is the key to completing each adventure. Each Champion's abilities and gear requires careful thought to create the best combination. Only the most powerful formations will defeat the waves of Dungeons & Dragons monsters.

  • Explore the Forgotten Realms
Take your Champions on a journey through the Sword Coast. Players will be able to explore familiar locations within the Forgotten Realms as they tackle each adventure.

  • Regular Events
Your adventure continues even when you're not playing. Set-up your perfect formation and let your Champions battle monsters to earn gold until return again.

  • Time Gates
Revisit and replay your favourite adventures with new challenging restrictions for even greater rewards.

  • Multiple Adventure Mode
Run several adventures simultaneously to utilize the vast roster of Champions.

  • Modron Automation
Veteran players will be able to automate certain aspects of gameplay by using a brand new system inspired by mechanical beings from D&D lore called Modrons.A Note About Premium Purchases:
  • You can download and play Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for free, however, some premium in-game items can be purchased for real money.
  • Gems earned for free in-game by killing bosses and completing adventures can be redeemed for Silver Chests and Gold Chests that contain equipment, potions, contracts, and gold. Gold chests can be purchased for real money if you do not want to wait and save up gems for them.
  • Silver Chests contain three cards of Common to Rare rarity. Silver Chests have a chance of dropping Rare equipment cards, but do not contain Epic equipment cards.1
  • Gold Chests contain five cards of Uncommon to Epic rarity. Gold Chests always contain at least one Rare equipment card and have a chance of dropping Epic equipment cards.2
  • Basic Silver and Gold Chests can drop equipment for all basic non-event Champions, including Hitch and Drizzt. They will not drop equipment for event Champions (for example Gromma, Krond, or Barrowin).
  • Event and Promo Chests function the same as basic Silver and Gold Chests, however, they only drop equipment cards for specific Champions. Check the description in the in-game Shop to determine whose items they can drop.
  • Guaranteed “Shiny” equipment cards are available as a reward for real money purchases, however, they also have a small chance of appearing in any Silver Chests or Gold Chests that you purchase for free.3
  • Bonus “Golden Epic” equipment cards are generally only available as a purchase bonus for real money transactions, however, specific Golden Epic cards may become available through free means at Codename Entertainment's discretion.
  • In-game purchases range from $2.99-$59.99 USD (or equivalent local currency) per item.
1Chance of a Rare equipment card in a Silver Chest is approximately 3.2%.
2Chance of a Rare equipment card in a Gold Chest is 100%. Chance of an Epic equipment card in a Gold Chest is approximately 12%. To mitigate bad luck, a system exists to guarantee at least one Epic equipment card within every 10 Gold Chests.
3Chance of a Shiny equipment card in a Silver or Gold Chest is approximately 0.1% per chest.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A free to play idler, and sometimes a clicker, that I can only recommend to people who might enjoy this genre. It is because for those interested it's the journey and difficulty of the challenge, not the destination, that matters. That is where this game shines since it has many uniquely powered characters and gear to unlock, hundreds of adventures to complete, patron perks and campaign blessings to max out, and modrons to upgrade. The current end game consists of pseudo-multiplayer adventures that open up forging of stronger gear. Updates come very frequently with many in-game events which is a blessing for some and a curse for completionists. Fortunately, there are many community created guides on Steam, 3rd party websites (Kleho, ByteGlow) that delve into stats and configurations, and scripting guides to help you gem farm. The developers have also created a friendly and helpful discord group that also happens to post free chest codes daily. All in all, it's a great idler with a great community.

Review from Steam

One of the best "idler" games out there IMO. Idle Champions isn't a true idler either. What I mean by that is you need to micro-manage -- at least until you unlock a Modron Core. That's what I love about it, along side the RPG elements. Having to micro-manage instead of just leaving the game alone, return back the next day, do two things and rinse & repeat.
Yes, there's a huge grind factor but what idler/clicker isn't? The content is entertaining and not boring whatsoever. People who say otherwise probably didn't play very long at all. Biggest downside in my opinion is how important familiars are, but to purchase how many you need to be half sustainable for farming gems, etc., they cost way too many gems and there's not too many you can buy with gems.
There's also some stuff going around where people are saying it's Pay to Win. I have actually seen people complete the entire game without spending any money. It's doable, but a grind. There's also so many events in this game that give you FREE champions, chests, and other items. I've received hundreds of dollars worth of event rewards FOR FREE. It's pretty nutty.
The community is very awesome on Twitch AND Reddit. You can get multiple free chests a day. Majority of them are Electrum chests, but hey, a chest is a chest, right? The more you dive into this game and its community, the more you will have more fun within the game! Playing and not understanding shouldn't keep you from continuing! Learn and conquer!
Overall, highly recommend.

Review from Steam

It's fine, I'll just do one more stage and quit for the day.

Review from Steam

Fun free-to-play game for many hours, but can get tedious and slower to progress after a few missions and unlocks. I like it because It's very relaxing to play and you can jump in and out of the game quick. The grind to progress right now is a little bit boring, but I had a decent time with this game up until this point and it didn't cost me a cent. If you enjoy other idle clicker games like adventure capitalist this is probably something to consider trying, this game has a more developed concept with a story, different abilities, nice playlist of music and more things to interact with.

Review from Steam

ICotFR is probably the most polished idle/clicker-type game out there, with a jukebox full of catchy D&D-inspired songs that's worth downloading the game just to listen to once. If there's one negative about this game, it's that the free-to-play-but-you-really-want-to-burn-money dopamine trigger is all too real here.

Review from Steam

Do you like lists? I like lists. Even if I format them incorrectly and put periods at the end of each list item. Let's make a list.
An idle hero and clicker game (e.g. a marathon) with story.
There is some game pad support.
The characters are from Dungeons and Dragons-related (DnD) content and you might see a few stats that look like it, but when you're dealing several quadrillion damage a second, you'll know this is not a table top rule set
You may learn about numbers you didn't know existed like... novemdecillion. You think I'm making this up? Check wikipedia for the names of big numbers... but wait until I can edit the article first so it looks like I'm telling the truth.
You deploy and level up your champions with gold and place them in a formation to fight enemies. Formations vary between regions, so you might have three front liners getting boosted by a party member behind them in one formation or a single tank protecting everyone in the truncated peg game formation.
Champion levels reset when leaving a quest, BUT
You can permanently upgrade your champions with gear from chests (playing/replaying a quest, giveaway codes from streams, real world currency, etc.) and level up that gear for minor statistical benefits AND
You earn favor for that region that can be spent for permanent upgrades for the region, unlock a limited number of permanent upgrades across the game, and if unspent, increase the amount of gold you find during the campaign so that you level up faster and progress further.
Regions and quest variants have different formations, requiring you to either think differently about what champions you recruit that particular quest or what upgrade branch you might choose for a champion.
Where does the clicking come in? Early on or when you have massive amounts of favor, you can actually defeat enemies with it. Somewhere in between, you just slow down enemies from attacking your party. Or you have clickitis and click on every bird, beetle, snake, and goblin head minding their own business to squeeze out additional gold. Click faster Barry!
There are familiars in-game that will auto-click for you. You can gradually obtain them with in-game currency from repeated runs or acquire them sooner with real world currency. Have you seen a 10-foot tall gnoll grit its teeth at you and fling its head back 5+ times a second? I have. I don't know how it doesn't bite its tongue or get whiplash with all that clicking.
Do I have to pay money to progress?
Wait, that wasn't in a list. You won't believe me unless it's in a list. I like lists. Hold on.
Whoops. It's a good thing I'm not getting paid for this review. ... Wait, I can get paid for reviewing stuff? Anyway, let's try this again.
You don't have to pay to progress.
Paying will reduce the time you spend not spending time.
If you tune into the streams (or keep an eye out on the sub-reddit), you'll get codes to unlock roughly $20 worth of chests a week (not 100% comparable since its electrum chest (item any hero you have) vs. gold chest (item for original 12 heroes)).
You might overhear that a streamer is eating a zombie's arm and barking like a dog while one of the streamers looks like they want to barf in the amount of time it takes to type in "!code" and trying to copy the chest unlock code "IHAZ-CHAM-PION" (this was not the actual code, but it feels close enough). You can't unhear it and you start to wonder as you go back to the game before doing something that isn't the game.
You can unlock additional champions with real world currency, by assembling six rare slices of pizza to form a time gate and recruit a champion, or waiting for a monthly-ish time gate / events to appear and decide which of the heroes presented you'll try to unlock.
The heroes offer different approaches and some increase your odds in performing specific quests. e.g. your default first hero gets an upgrade that helps him fight better when there are dwarves in your formation, but I ain't got no other dwarves. So another dwarf hero could offer something to boost him while perhaps bringing something else to the table.
You aren't meant to rush through an idle game or complete all the content there is in a single week. There is some content (e.g. patrons) that are much further out if you're starting and do not plan to pay for champions.
This bear tank has 15 CON, so he isn't getting that +3 modifier bonus. Wait, that wasn't in a list.
If you're not paying money and you do want to be efficient, you'll have to check in on the game a bit more often to spend your gold, decide if you want to reset a quest, etc.
I may be completely imagining things, but the game seems to generate more gold and favor while you leave it open and you have your familiars clicking and doing things, than when you're completely offline.
You may occasionally lose progress if you quit out without using the Save & Quit option - take your time to close out.
If you were expecting a free electronic Dungeons and Dragons gameplay experience, this is not that game.
Bruenor has a really bad sense of direction, probably responsible for making the adventures 50% longer, but... we don't talk about Bruenor.
One of champions has a really bad trophy collecting habit and that extends things out too. And one champion (probably that drow pirate fella) has an endless, weightless bag of holding, because that's a LOT of gold coins. So many questions. Not enough answers.
I'm sure there's more and it's all subjective. In the time it took for me to write this review, I mostly auto'd (more or less) from area 1 to area 85+ on freeplay. But I did check in to spam upgrades on a few champions.
Is it just me or did these lists start getting indented. You know what, I'm not even gonna worry about. You have a nice day internet reader.

Review from Steam

I would recommend this for a very specific use, which is as background content for when you're working. If you're going in with low expectations, just wanting a dungeons and dragons flavored clicker while you work on other stuff, it's pretty decent, although annoying with its F2P system.
I'll probably keep putting it on in the background because I like dnd and I enjoy having several things going on as background noise when I'm focusing. If you plan on using this for actual, proper gameplay and entertainment then you should just ignore it.
Basically, for an idle game, it's okay, the monetization is annoying but you can ignore it. If you were not specifically looking for an idle game and where attracted by the DnD aesthetics, you should pass.