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In Ibatic you can slide, wall run, wall jump and use your powers to create staffs that will allow you to jump great distances. By mastering these abilities you will be able to go through the levels at full speed with a feeling of total control.

You will discover several mechanics in various levels ranging from doors, bombs to tornadoes.

Are you ready to speedrun through the planet Ibatic ?

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I like the speedrun aspect of this game. Game looks beautiful and it is nice fast paced. There are some minor bugs tho but thats not a big of an issue. For a F2P game this is top tier :>

Review from Steam

squiddle approved

Review from Steam

Really fun, but the first level is impossible to beat, might be glitched

Review from Steam

Neet little game, great visuals, if you like very precise fast paced platformer you should give it a try !
The controls need some getting used to and can be a little frustrating some times, the sound need some balancing too.
I would definitely buy it if it had a little more polish and content, this feels like a demo at the moment, a pretty good one.

Review from Steam

It's very fun. It can be cleared in a few hours. I don't know why the frame rate is not high, and there are some bugs. For example, the angle of view can't be turned suddenly, and the character model often slides in a standing position. It may be the second map. Well, if you fall, you can only revive when you touch a place with water. There is still a large area under the water, and there are some small corners at high places that can easily fall there. If you can't revive, you can only start over. I've been close to the finish a few times, only to be forced to play from the beginning.Overall it's still pretty good, developers come on!

Review from Steam

This game is good, you should play this.
++ the core movement is really good, its easy to learn and hard to master
+ the main character looks kinda cute
+ the levels are really fun
= the game feels like it was meant for speedrunning, which might be a turn off for some people
- there are a few bugs, like your camera sometimes (happened once) glitching
- you'll get stuck on the terrain sometimes
+++ it's free to play so just play it

Review from Steam

This game is sick and for being free it's 100% worth it to play. It's got a ton of unique mechanics and once you get the feel for it, you want to keep going through the levels to get better times. There are some bugs, such as the camera getting stuck on the first level which makes it pretty difficult, but ignoring them this game is a gem. Completely recommend.