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Hunting Simulator

Discover your new hunting areas and complete hundreds of objectives alone or with your friends. Explore different environments, track your prey and become a better hunter – there will always be a new hunting adventure awaiting you!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I own this on PS4, but since I refuse to pay for Playstation+ anymore, I cannot play it in Co-Op online, so I bought it here on Steam... This is the best hunting game You can get to play online with, it has built in voicechat, LOTS of different settings You can change to make it easier/harder hunts to do with Your' friends, or strangers, AND only has one dirt cheap DLC (unlike that Hunter game that has more DLC then You can shake a stick at, & THAT game is a glitch/crash fest)... If You like hunting, want a game where the animals will run from gunshots, or if they smell You up wind, or see You creeping up too near to them, etc. AND that's 100% fair about making/missing shots due to wind, NOT holding Your' breath, not aiming slightly up over LONG distances, etc. then this is for sure the hunting game to buy!

Review from Steam

A fun and immersive hunting simulator game. The AI is quite "smart", and it was fun chasing them down. The tracking system is simplistic, and the campaign is really a large series of missions (>100 of them). The hunting grounds are lush and vast areas of wilderness, quite well designed and rendered by the Unreal Engine. There's bullet time, so you get to see a slow-mo flight of your bullet as it flies towards your prey. Enjoy browsing your trophy collection and even honing your shooting skills when you need a break from a campaign, free, or expert hunt. This is a great alternative to the other hunting game I got - HU2010.

Review from Steam

Its is sort of hard to play but once you get it its better i love the way everything looks i love nature and hunting so it super good!

Review from Steam