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Hunt In Town

Gather 4 to 20 players around a campfire and depending on your role in the game, hunt down werewolves that have infiltrated the group, devour innocent villagers, or even end up as the only survivor to win the game.

Create your character and make it unique by customizing it with the many items already available and to come, such as hats, accessories or even a fairy who will stay by your side!

Choose up to 6 interactions that you can use at any time of the day during the game.

Even the animations when you are eliminated, lost, or won the game are customizable!

Accuse or defend yourself from other players with the in-game voice and text chat. A simple stutter can eliminate you, so choose your words wisely.

Lose yourself in the dense forest of Lorius Forest, relax by a waterfall at the Torlar River or even shiver to the frightening sound of Feara Caves and many more will be added later!

Discover new roles in games with up to 20 different roles. To win with some roles you will need an alliance, while for others you can only use your own sneaky skills to eliminate everyone.
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