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House Designer

About the Game

House Designer is a home design and construction simulator that lets you learn all the stages of construction without leaving your home. Design, build, finish, experiment, combining unusual architectural elements and enjoy your dream house.

Choose your dream place on Earth, buy a plot and design the foundations of a dream house.

Rent construction machines, excavate foundations, hire workers and pour foundations.

Design walls, hire workers and build house walls.

Choose finishing elements, finish the interior and the facade.

Add innovative elements and paint them in the color of your choice.

Show off to your friends in social media the ready house project of your dreams.

Main Features of the game:

- Designing houses on a drawing board

- Purchase of a plot for a dream house project

- Construction implementation, step by step according to the art of construction

- Investment cost estimate

- Store with building materials

- Organization of work, hiring employees, keeping the construction schedule

- Finishing interior

- Home furnishings

- Connecting installations with the media

- Store with paints, media installations, residential and garden furniture

- Photo and film session of the completed dream home
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