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Honey Villa

You play as a hacker who lives alone in a villa. In a rainy night, there was a knock on the door. after opening the door, a beautiful girl fainted in front of the door. She was just drunk. The hacker took the girl into the house for the night. The next morning he girl suggested sharing the house...
Players need to think of strategies to make enough money to feed self and the girl. Get enough food, enough water, and enough sleep. And enhance intimacy with girls. This allows players to play "dice games" and "guessing games" with girls. The loser is punished with a drink and a massage.
· The player starts living with a girl.
· Players play as hackers and get paid a daily commission for completing tasks on the computer.
· The commission can be used to buy food, water.
· Giving gifts to girls improves intimacy.
· When tired, you can recover your strength by sleeping.
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