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Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story™

In this fast-paced rhythm runner, every action has an explosive reaction and no amount of mayhem is too much. Take on the role of yordle and Hexplosives expert Ziggs as you rampage through the neighborhoods of Piltover.

Bomb, bounce, and bop to the beat of the music to avoid obstacles, disarm enemies, and light fuses to achieve maximum chaos. Cause musical mayhem while outrunning no-fun-allowed Heimerdinger in your quest to build the greatest bomb the world has ever seen!

Use the Freestyle Mayhem System to create spontaneous blasts and grab bonus points… all while dodging the fun police and showing them what they’re really missing.

Leave no fuse unlit in Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

After playing this game I picked Ziggs in ranked and went 0/20/0.
Thanks for finding me my new main.

Review from Steam

The game has rebind options:
When you are looking at the map (in the bunker) hit the right arrow key twice.
It will show a ton of settings. Hit Controls. Then hit enter on your keyboard. From there you click on which one you want to change (mouse, keyboard, and controller are different keybinds) and select the key you want to use.
Other than that, this game is easier for someone who just started playing pc games than OSU! or A Dance of Fire and Ice for instance. The soundtrack is catchy and the rhythm aspects seem natural and easy to understand. They dont have any seemingly offbeat actions (at least at first). I rarely leave reviews, this is honestly worth the $10 or so you put into it. Has about 40 or more levels from what I can see. Considering a League or Val skin cost $10-40 honestly I can see this being worth it.
Rebind options were broken for a bit. Idk if they are still. Contacted support and they are looking into it. Also disabled comments because someone decided to be rude over my review. It's my opinion of a game. Stop being salty and get over it.

Review from Steam

A Pros & Cons List for the Devs
We'll start with the Pros first.
- Soundtrack is arcadey, as it should be imo, it's fun.
- Art Style is funny, very nice imo.
- Cutscenes & Voice Acting adds some comedy to game.
- They have nice tiny details like Housetops bouncing in the background to the beat of the song.
- Multiple Colour-Blind Options.
- Lot's of extra things to blow up as well as hidden Gears, adds longevity and a higher skill floor to the game for those who want it.
- Multiple Subtitle Options, small but appreciated.
- Levels are short but sweet, making it short on Time-Investment, very appreciated.
- Getting to see Heimerdinger is cool.
- $12 is just slightly too much imo for what feels like a Mobile Game, no offence. Feels like a $10 Game Max.
- Game Launched without Control Rebind Options. I don't wanna be rude, but why? It's a rhythm game in 2021, it NEEDS Control Rebind Options. Seems like a no-brainer.
- No Option to take game off of Borderless that I know of. Makes game needlessly lag at times and harder to stream. I have a decent PC that's not the issue.
- Can only play as Ziggs and yes I know, it's a game ABOUT Ziggs, but it's also a LOL Game, so myself among others were hoping for other playable characters.
- Upgrades between the "Whammer Jammer" V1-V3 are WAY WAY too minimal for it to feel satisfying and like an achievement, VERY underwhelming.
- Feels like Note Prompts when playing Whammer Jammer Levels are hard to see because they're so small, bigger note sizes on these levels would be highly appreciated.
- You can't Pause at the start of a Level until Ziggs has touched the ground. It's a small but noticeable annoyance.
- Want to see more Champs from LOL in Cutscenes.
No Control Rebind Option aside, I think this is a good starting point for the game, now it just needs polishing and imo, a complete overhaul of the Whammer Jammer Upgrade System, it's just incredibly underwhelming as it is.
I give 6.5/10. That's not to say the game isn't fun, it's quite fun. Some things on the Con List just can't be ignored imo. I can definitely see myself changing my rating to 7.5-8/10 if/when these are addressed.
Edit: This Review is from the Game's Launch period fyi :)

Review from Steam

Really solid rythm game. Cartainly worth the 9 bucks imo.
However, if you have no interest in rythm games, this may not be the game for you.
(Keybind Remapping has been added btw, so it's all good)

Review from Steam

haha ziggs go boom

Review from Steam

My take after 6hrs. Campaign beaten. Several songs Challenger and more GM.
TLDR: This is a good game for $10. This is ~NOT~ a good rhythm game.
The good:
- Cheap
- Fun, stylistic look.
- Music, while not something you might jam outside of the game, is quality stuff that fits the wacky, explosive vibe.
- Inputs are responsive and maps are synced to their songs.
- Interesting mechanics that can be enjoyable to get right.
The bad is ultimately due to personal preference. After many years of playing rhythm games like DDR, Stepmania, IIDX, Jubeat, and Guitar Hero among others, I've developed some strong opinions of why a given rhythm game or map is good or bad. Hextech Mayhem strikes me as a game that is a slave to its mechanics as opposed to the mechanics working for the game.
Honestly, the music is important, but it's not even in a top 3 of what makes a satisfactory rhythm game for me. In my mind, there are a few givens when it comes to rhythm games. Accuracy is the ultimate goal, so practice iterations are vital. This first bit cannot be stressed enough. If the game is designed in a way that prevents my ability to practice a section of a map, short of straight up failure, I see that as not respecting the player's time and effort. Controls must perform as expected. Incoming information must be clear. If an input is missed, it is easy to see that it was missed and why.
Examples of when Hextech Mayhem falls short:
- In many cases, a missed input will not just result in a miss but several misses, due to how positioning works in this game. Screwups tend to have a cascading effect on following inputs, preventing recovery attempts and the ability to practice inputs with hit confirmations.
- Bonking causes the player to miss many inputs, preventing practice. Those missed inputs can't even be seen while you're missing them.
- The game will teach you that your inputs have a purpose beyond hitting highlighted inputs. Let me start by saying this, in essence, a little obfuscation can be okay, especially when it's player option, but the execution is bad. You will jump when there is a green arrow. You will jump when there is a box w/ blue gem. You will jump when there's a small black bomb. Sometimes you will jump when there is nothing, because you have to position for one of the above in the near future. You will bomb when there is a bomb icon. You will bomb when there is a gear, but not when that gear is during a hold. Also sometimes not when there's just a gear. See where I'm going with this?
- To drive home how deliberate this poor decision is, there is a mode to show all inputs as highlighted icons. Don't get me wrong, you can Challenger every map despite the controls, but you will get frustrated mixing up inputs on even easy sections you've played dozens of times, even after you've gotten a few Challenger clears under your belt. You will end up having to memorize map sections instead of reading, which also doesn't respect player time and effort.
- As if all this wasn't enough, there is a scrolling, animated, colorful background behind a scrolling, animated, colorful foreground, complete with a boatload of effects to cover up all the information you're meant to be reading - information that isn't clear to begin with.

Review from Steam

You will do two different things in this game:
Press ALT+F4