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GrubDash Driver: Food Delivery Driver Simulator

It's the year 2020. A mysterious, unknown event has decimated the economy and left many individuals, including you, the main character, unemployed. Unfortunately, you still have bills to pay. The good news is that the GrubDash food delivery platform is recruiting delivery drivers!

Game features:

  • Upgrade your house from a tiny starter home to a sprawling McMansion, then fill it with expensive trinkets and doodads.

  • Your neighborhood has been abandoned. Buy up the vacant lots and replace the trash heaps and tire fires with forests, meadows, businesses, or housing for new neighbors.

  • Seven stats to upgrade, including strength to carry larger orders, intelligence to find better paying orders, charisma to receive more cash tips, dexterity to improve walking speed, and education level. For the right price, you can eventually become an Associate, a Bachelor, a Master, and maybe even a Boss’s Family Member.

  • Pick up food from six unique restaurants and deliver to a variety of individuals in different neighborhoods.

  • Max out your customer rating and earnings by picking up food on time, delivering it on time, keeping it warm, and providing outstanding customer service.

  • Complete over 60 life milestones and become the food delivery driver that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

  • Eight unique vehicles and twenty-four total vehicles. Deliver food using an economic beater, a mid-range hybrid, an expensive sports car, or something in between.

  • Unlock new vehicles with cash (or charge the bill to your credit card), completing life milestones, or finding them randomly throughout the world.

  • Upgrade your vehicles to improve handling, fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and the maximum speed.

  • Complete minigames to boost your delivery earnings and your chance of receiving a cash tip.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I love this game it was one of the most fun 8-bit games i have played in over a year i will recommend to anyone of like this type of games

Review from Steam

The game is very simple in it's design and not overly difficult to learn overall. The time limits are tight and the delivery process is straightforward and does get repetitive over time, but I'd say it's a fine way to kill some time. The GPS is not very helpful when it comes to walking around, so it's a lot of figuring out where to go and the housing areas constantly change numbers per street. If you map out the different locations using a notepad or something, it does help when finding the businesses though. Good game, nice upgrade paths, and fairly worth the price tag of $8.