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Gray Death

Gray Death is a linear horror themed puzzle platformer, reminiscent of classic games like Solomon's Key and Dangerous Dave. The 20+ levels are short but challenging. You can either shoot or avoid enemies. You'll need to search for supplies and ammunition. The game can be switched between 2D and 2.5D. It's also the first episode in a planned series.StoryAfter weeks of searching for food and supplies, Gray returns back to the compound he helped build. Gray finds his friend Red dying from a gunshot wound and learns that a group mutinied and another fled.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Nice little "classic" platformer, where both a little bit of ammo-management and the classic pattern of "find the key" will fill out most of your gameplay.
It's good if you want to play a simple game, reminiscent of both a NES or flash game.
Far better than most asset-flip garbage you find for actual money.

Review from Steam

This game is quite hard. Ammo is sometimes hard to come by, there are difficult enemies, and hard platforming challenges. Overall, though, it's a pretty fun game.

Review from Steam

Full playthrough here (once it uploads):
This game is SO HARD! Gray does not know how to reload his pistol to LITERALLY save his life it takes him like 3 seconds to do it he will not reload while moving and he will not reload if he has bullets left in the mag if you move you will interrupt his IMMENSE concentration on reloading and have to do it again My dude literally cannot take a single step if you tap the right or left key he's taking two steps AND YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT! Some of the jumps are so precision perfect and if you like jumping down onto platforms you can't see oh boi let me tell you you're gonna love this game. The zombies love to camp where you need to go which is just beautiful they're trying to light your way by making sure you have to die and restart to get to it. That rock worm at the end with it's RANDOM SPAWNING BOXES AND RANDOM ROCKS OF GET FRICKED. I like the story I like everything besides those aspects it's a nice 2d platformer that is difficult as hell. I'm not the best of these type of games either though so take it with a grain of salt surprised I actually beat it after dying 182 times.