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Gravity Ace

Gravity Ace is a 2D multi-directional gravity shooter (cave-flyer). It's a love letter to Thrust and Gravitar and all of the amazing games they inspired.

Descend into dark caverns, fly and blast your way past enemies, retrieve the reactor core and make your escape, all while fighting the deadly embrace of crushing gravity.

Do you have what it takes, pilot?

You are the Pilot, a volunteer in the United Earth Navy, assigned to the U.E.N. Hornet, a new ship with an experimental engine that allows it to warp behind enemy lines. Launching your small fighter craft from the Hornet, your mission is to sabotage the enemy by raiding their bases and disrupting their power supply network made up of reactor cores connected through hyperspace.FAST-PACED ACTION

There are plenty of enemies and they are out to get you. Fly, fight, and maneuver through dangerous enemy bases and intense gravitational fields. The core game includes a 24 mission single-player campaign and a level editor for creating your own scenarios.


Your ship is powerful but has a limited fuel supply. You'll need to scavenge fuel from the enemy to survive. Fuel management requires careful maneuvering and using momentum to conserve enough fuel to escape the gravity well.


Everything that moves is part of the physics simulation. Momentum and velocity can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Use your tractor beam to steal the reactor core, rescue astronauts, or hurl nearby asteroids!


Your ship is equipped with a powerful tractor beam for carrying large objects. The objective of each mission is to extract the enemy reactor core in one piece. Secondary objectives include destroying all enemy units and rescuing astronauts. Be careful -- the reactor core is heavy and fragile!


All of the levels included with Gravity Ace were made with the built-in level editor. You can make your own campaigns, stories, and challenges. And during Early Access, we're adding the ability to share levels with the community.


Gravity Ace includes an original soundtrack with 20 minutes of music.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Disclaimer: I'm one of the developers of the game engine used to make Gravity Ace (Godot Engine), to whom John gives a very nice shoutout in the splash screen! So I'm obviously biased towards wishing success to John.
That being said, I've been following the development of Gravity Ace from the beginning and, as a gamer, eagerly awaiting its release. I love the gameplay, graphics and sound effects that Gravity Ace offers, and I'm having a ton of fun with the available level in the Early Access version (as of Oct 2020). I'm looking forward to even more content in coming months :)
As the description says, Gravity Ace is a physics/gravity-based twin stick shooter, with tight controls (including an option for a classic mode for hardcore gamers of the titles that inspired this game, which I'm not) and a lot of very satisfying juicy effects. It just feels nice to play, and the difficulty curve is just about right for me - it's easy to start, but far from easy to master the controls. You won't win all levels on the first try with a S rating, but you likely won't get stuck redoing them endlessly.
Ah and it plays great on Linux :)
I've only tried the keyboard and mouse controls so far, but I'll try my Steam Controller in coming days and update my review accordingly (I expect that it should work well, I remember testing it back in pre-alpha days before EA).

Review from Steam

Gravity Ace takes the good bits of classic 80s shooters and slaps on fresh new coat of--
- Beautiful pixel art
- Juicy explosions
- KIller music
- Fun lore tidbits
- Unlimited Replayability
The journey to become an "Ace" starts when you beat the campaign. You get stats and a rank for every level. S, A, B, and so on. Between speedrunning and a slick level editor, hard to say what it means to "beat" Gravity Ace. There's always something to do.
I could see a pretty fun speedrunning community coming out of this. Would love to see some streamers pick it up.
If you like anything like Hotline Miami, Celeste, or any old arcade shooters, Gravity Ace might just do it for you.
Recommend keyboard + mouse controls

Review from Steam

Challenging, Fun, Arcade style game.
You have to balance fighting against gravity, conserving your fuel, and dodging enemies and obstacles along the way. The fuel mechanic creates a sense of urgency, and forces you to act quickly and decisively.
The levels become pretty challenging pretty quickly, and there's lots of room to challenge yourself further by attempting to get better grades for each level.

Review from Steam

slick controls. obviously slick visuals. very satisfying to get S ranks. i'm not into level editors, but this one seems ridiculously robust.

Review from Steam

beautifully done pixel shooter. lots of attention to detail. super fun and smooth. he has a whole series of devlogs about the development too.

Review from Steam

Really liking Gravity Ace so far and brings back good memories of several classic games like Lunar Lander, Choplifter, Scramble and more (even a little Major Havoc in that you have gravity and need to complete the mission after stealing the core by getting to a specific point. retro graphics and physics are great! Looking forward to finding some time to checkout the level editor.

Review from Steam

The visuals and music are fantastic with game play to match.
Feels amazing to play and the extra challenge of getting S Ranks can be addicting.