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Gods Of Isekai

Gods Of Isekai, available exclusively on the STEAM/PC and Android platform for a short time.
Soon will be available iOS platforms.

### Game Features ###

Satisfying Single Player Exploring Mode Experience
- A satisfying single-player exploring mode that takes both tactical commander and summoning abilities to conquer.
- Recruit powerful heroes with the ability to bind, stun, burn, poison, and slay anyone who stands in their way.
- Collaborate with powerful guild members to increase your resources and outwit hazardous opponents based on their weaknesses.

Online Raid Battle PVP System
- Summons mighty heroes that use lethal powers to bind, stun, burn, and poison players.
- Select and customise the optimal hero avatar for your PVP raid team battle tactics.
- Select and organise your team's stat allocation to create an incredibly strong and unique raid team comprised of tanking/attacker/wizard roles.

Online Guild Alliance System
- Travel the enormous online realm with friends from all over the world, fighting and challenging alliances that are bigger than you are.
- Join a powerful guild and work together to defeat deadly alliances.
- Inventory system that is updated in real time, allowing you to exchange equipment/resources within your guild alliance.
- Assist, guide, and mentor your buddies as they build their battle abilities.

Real-time 3D open world and advanced graphics system
- Immerse yourself in a massive universe filled with rich character models, stunning 3D environments, and one-of-a-kind hero skills.
- A real-time inventory system that allows you to trade anytime in-game with merchants and blacksmiths around the open-world dungeon area.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

More like a tech demo

Review from Steam

7/10. very solid mobile game