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After death, the evil are faced with judgement by the divine order of their world. They are given a chance at redemption: to compete in the gauntlet against their peers and slay a cursed enemy of the pantheon. The Gladiators who succeed in their quest are born anew into the world, those who fail are damned eternally.

Possess a Gladiator and take part in the gauntlet. Team up with your friends and engage colossal enemies in souls-like boss fights, join in epic PVP medieval combat, and devise strategic machinations in a desperate bid for absolution. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric and glorious gamble for exoneration. Victory results in vindication, defeat leads only to ruin.

  • Choose a Gladiator from your roster
  • Outfit them with weapons, armor, equipment and perks
  • Invite your friends to your party or play solo
  • Spawn into a dark and fantastical map with many boss arenas
  • Fight a mini boss to learn the main boss location and get a key to their arena
  • Locate, travel to, and kill the main boss to get their trophy
  • Ambush other players or defend your loot through souls-like medieval combat mechanics
  • Find an extraction point and escape from the match
  • Use your winnings to buy better gear in the next match

Closed Alpha coming soon!
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