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Gang of Paws

Gang of Paws is a Roguelike Deck-Builder with a hybrid turn-based and real-time battle system. Inspired by the amazing Megaman Battle Network. Fight your way through the many colorful worlds and face the biggest baddy daddy of them all!

  • Gang of Paws: Cute critters and household appliances have turned evil. An dark force is spreading corruption and only the Gang of Paws can stop it!

  • Hybrid Turn-Based / Real-Time Battle System: Take all the time you need to plan out your turn, and then execute the plan in real-time.

  • Deck Building: Unlock, upgrade and play +150 unique spells and combine them with your character powers to wipe out everything.

  • Randomized Levels: Play for hundred of hours in a challenging world that is randomly generated on every run.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Fun game!!! Hard, but very fitting for a roguelike. Quite unique battle system and CRAZY cute animals (obviously the development team of this game has a great sense of humour). There is a lot of content and different ways to build up your character with different spells and power-ups. A sort of strategy and action game combo!