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Galactic Lander

Community Levels

Create, share, and discover levels created by, and for the Galactic Lander community!

About the GameGalactic Lander is inspired by the classic arcade Lunar Lander game with a few, modern-day additions of it's own. While Galactic Lander provides the classic ship controlling gameplay, it also includes modern Steam features such as co-op gameplay, a level editor, Steam workshop, and more!The Game Levels

Galactic Lander offers several levels for both singleplayer and co-op gameplay. Each level contains it's own puzzle and quirk for you to solve alone; or with a friend in co-op mode!The Level Editor

The in-game level editor allows players to create their own levels and upload them to the Steam Workshop, enabling unlimited fun by sharing levels with the Steam community, commenting and providing feedback on each others works, and playing the levels by yourself, with your friends, or with total strangers!No-Gravity Mode

If piloting this delicate scientific ship isn't hard enough for you, and you are looking for an extra challenge, then look no further then 'no-gravity mode'! No-gravity mode is exactly what it sounds like: no longer must you balance your ship and keep it from crashing into the floor, but now you must also not crash into the ceiling!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Sometimes it's not about the complexity or graphic extraordinarity, but what makes this game beautiful is the fact, that it is so simple but at the same time so challenging.
If you have got a friend and you have a few spare minutes then try this game out!

Review from Steam

I've always had a soft spot for Lunar Lander-type games, but I was surprised by just how much fun I had with this. I played through both the co-op and single-player levels (with the exception of co-op level 6, which at the time of our last attempt had a malfunctioning door). Although the graphics and sound design are minimalist, they allow you to feel very immersed in the experience, hearing nothing but the ambient tones and the thrusters of your spacecraft.
As my co-op partner mentioned while we played, the "progression" in a game like this is with your own capability. Initially, you might not be able to even hover above the ground. However, after a few levels, you'll get a feel for maneuvering your ship. It's very satisfying to navigate in ways that previously seemed impossible. Having a co-op partner with you while you learn makes the process much easier as well - you can laugh at each other while you spin into walls, crippling and knocking the parts off of your ships.
Although I mentioned that the door was malfunctioning earlier, I did receive a comment from developer ZeroByter Games on my discussion board post about the issue quite quickly. I feel confident that he will be able to iron out this kink. In addition, my co-op partner and I found that the missile launchers did not fire in the co-op levels. We kept seeing them on the sides of the maps, and my co-op partner said "I think these are supposed to fire at us." I think he was correct, as I had a devilish time dodging those missiles during the single-player levels that I played afterwards.
Overall, I had a great time with Galactic Lander, and it's absolutely worth a shot for the price of free. Bring a pal!

Review from Steam

This game is pure art.
Aside from the flumsy rocket mechanics this is a great game if you just want to have fun with a friend, for about an hour.

Review from Steam

Fast, fun, 2 player co-op experience. Very short and slightly challenging but it still just about stays its welcome.

Review from Steam

Fun little game to try with a friend, had some good laughs seeing how dumb we looked trying to get to our landing spot as we bumped into every existing walls, and sometime bumpng into each others.

Review from Steam

fresh Lander type, and we never have enough good Landers, not even on mobile! (there's "Mars:Mars", "Space Rocket - First Stage Landing Simulator" and "iLunolet" there)

Review from Steam

+2 Local Co-op