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Gabriels Worlds The Adventure

Gabriel is a child like any other, he plays, studies, plays video games and loves his Big Boss Cereal. Raised by his beloved mother, the two live in a small, quiet and peaceful town. But everything changes with a report, children are disappearing around the world and strange creatures are taking over cities.
What is going on?, Abduction?, Evil Sects?. Embark on this adventure and discover what will be happening to all the children.

An adventure of pure precision, story, Puzzles, Collectibles and pure cuteness.
Will our hero be able to finish this journey?

  • 9 stages (stages) with a small degree of difficulty.
  • 5 reasonable bosses.
  • 9 Collectible Big Boss Cereal Boxes (5 Common, 3 Rare, 1 Platinum).
  • Cereal bowls replacing common coins.
  • Okay, there's also currency, there's a phase that there is and others don't. 1 per Phase.
  • 3 very easy puzzles.
  • A nice story, with a nice ending.
  • A precision platform game.
  • Double Jump and Run.
  • Beautiful songs huh.

How about posting a Speed ​​​​Run?, record your speed run and post it on our community, show everyone that you can finish the game in less time.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

At the beginning the game had a lot of bugs, some of them caused the game to crash.
But now everything seems to be fixed and improved, the developers have done a very good job.
The game has nice graphics, a good story, good gameplay...
What can I say, it's really worth it.
I'll give it to my friend Gabriel, I'm sure he'll like it.

Review from Steam

E aí pessoal vou falar um pouco aqui do achei do jogo não vou falar tudo, mas vou colocar o link da gameplay e análise do jogo aqui embaixo. O jogo é muito interessante ele possui um carisma muito grande por causa do personagem e da narrativa e um gameplay dinâmico o que contrabalança o fato do jogo ser um típico jogo de plataforma 2D. O jogo ainda está em desenvolvimento então é certo que o jogo tende a melhor ainda mais.
Link do Jogo:

Review from Steam

It's a really cute platformer game with tight controls and great story!