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Fun Christmas Santa VR

Job Title : Help required in the North Pole!
Job Description : Oh oh... oh... I'm searching for some help for this Christmas ! I have way too much delivery to make. I'm searching for an assistant that can face any situations !

Skill required :
- Making toys
- Playing snowball
- Safely use a Snowball gun (for potential invasion)
- Mining & Fishing Skills
- Build Snowman's
- Know how to drive a sleigh
- Climbing skills
- Distribute presents in the chimney

Join us now !

Enroll today, and help Santa and the elves to save Christmas once again !
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Barely completed the boat - it wasn't easy to pull the lever completely.
Failed to complete the room with elves - it's hard to reach for something on the floor when you're seated and I didn't figure out how to fulfill the kids wishlist letter...
Still lots of fun with weird stuff - opened the gift box and my hand was inside it! Or you put your finger into the nose of the elves or...
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