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A freaky, exotic and friendly strange world that hides creatures that may or may not help you. An unusual dark and colorful place where one time you're in the countryside and another time in a castle or mall, it's bizarre but it's still a calm place, it's not safe, it sure isn't, but it's quiet. Okay fine, to be honest it's a chaotic, disorganized and very dangerous place!

Find out who's the hero on this journey and survive among killer ladybugs, evil frogs, jumping skulls, wild flying unicorns and more, it will take you more than just courage to get through all this weirdness. No pressure.

You'll be commanding an extravagant '90s computer head full of skillful dangling wires that will help you with a rather quirky way of behaving. Weird? Maybe, better to say eccentric.

Think out of the box and create wild plans to cross obstacles such as using your own enemies as steps to jump where it seemed impossible to reach.

Dare to go further and the power will be given to you. Alright, that power is a weapon.

Are you ready for this brutal world of cuteness?

Come for the adventure!!

Game Features:

  • 2D platform game that brings together classic elements for those who enjoy this style.
  • Simple controls, well tuned and fun to play. Optimized for gamepads and keyboards.
  • Difficulty staggers according to game progression, but don't act silly, avoid easy death.
  • All these adorable colorful art is originally handcrafted. Unique worlds each made especially for this game.
  • Evolve and gain powerful and crazy weapons.
  • Cute yet scary characters.
  • Chill out! Life may be infinite, but you got no save. Did you think it would be easy.
  • Deadly traps are ready to throw you into limbo.
  • Pleasant and fun soundtrack, maybe not on your death.
  • Dodge, attack and slash while trying to get past the most lethal and cuddly opponents.
  • Make it to the end to find out how it all started and unlock the Hardcore Armor.

I'm gonna be straight with you...It's a simple, short game, but don't underestimate the passion, fun and its creative power inspired from a time when playing action and platform games was a unique experience where time stood still and gameplay was sometimes lonely, sometimes collective and turned into a war, but at the end it all become a part of the good memories of your life.

Have fun!!!

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