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Fortune and Gloria

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About the GameJoin Nate "Fortune" Cobb and Gloria Guerrero as they go on a mission to rescue hostages, take out the bad guys and blow stuff up in procedurally generated action platformer missions.

Grab your trusty assault rifle, a handful of grenades, and get ready to be dropped off in the hot zone to rescue as many hostages as you can, taking out any enemies you encounter, before beating the boss and getting on the chopper heading off to the next mission.

  • Solo Missions! Go it alone for extra challenge and test your mettle!

  • Co-Op Missions! Grab a friend or have an AI ally follow you into action!

  • Unlimited mission levels through procedural generation

  • Multiple environment including desert, snow, urban, and more

  • Fight multiple enemy groups like gangs, gun runners and terrorists

  • Shoot down enemy helicopters

  • Blow up enemy tanks

  • Blast your way through the terrain to find your own path
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Basically a "Freedom! Do or Die" clone. Not as cool but still a lot of fun!

Review from Steam

This is a fun little game that you can easily complete achievements in and is also a great time killer. The graphics are good for a side scroller and the controls are very fluid. The levels are procedurally generated (randomized) and you can even play couch co-op with a friend. If you are looking for an easy and relaxing game, this is it!

Review from Steam

Would be nice if one could use and upgrade different weapons or collect enemy weapons,