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Forced Showdown

May you die gloriously and to great applause! Greetings Human and welcome to FORCED SHOWDOWN: "The only show in the galaxy with lives on the line!" Pick one of the 4 contestants from across the FORCED universe - each a master of their own style of combat - and try to become a superstar of my show, as you battle through worlds of monstrous enemies and face off against epic arena bosses. You may die horribly and repeatedly, but think of your fans and smile for the cameras! Cards boost your action abilities! In my show, you will unlock cards that let you boost your stats and upgrade your abilities differently each battle. Use clever deckbuilding and show off your epic combos! In the end though, it's all up to your own action skills, on the arena floor, to carry you through both times of luck and misfortune.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

100+ HOURS. Its one of those quick arena games you will return to or play between those big games you play more often.
Just wish there were more characters and bosses but its fine for what it is. Card system works great allowing lots of flexibility in combat. Love it.