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Food Decisions

How can you eat healthier? Explore food in a lab and choose healthier in a restaurant, a supermarket & your kitchen. Battle with your friends in mini games like Food Olympics and play Health Chess.

FOOD DECISIONS is a learning platform for teachers and nutritionists to add playful exercises to their courses.

LESSONS explain basic concepts like reducing added sugar or consuming more fiber.

EXERCISES practice the lesson content in simulated real-life situations like a restaurant, a supermarket or a kitchen.

MINI GAMES reinforce the learning, adding playful and competitive elements.

OPEN WORLD allows the players to (virtually) eat where they want and what they like for a whole day - with detailed health feedback at the end of the day.

LEARNING BUTTON provides in-game knowledge boosts, for example providing a ranking of all choices from the previous round.

INSTRUCTOR MODE enables teachers and nutiritionists to play customized games with their group, freely selecting the places and challenges.

TROPHIES track the learning progress by player. Players choose the sequence of the levels they play.

LEARNING STATUS collects the player's performance across games by topic. This helps to focus learning activities.

LEARNING LINKS provide further content related to each game, including TED talks and scientific articles.
SETTINGS allow a customization of food labels.

VIEWS allow to change the camera position (1st and 3rd person) and the player's avatar.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

The main gameplay is to compare the values and select the food needed for the task. Generally speaking, this game is boring, but it taught me a lot of common sense. Let me realize the importance of healthy diet. With that in mind, I decided to give a good review.
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