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Flynn and Freckles

Flynn, a young pirate, decides to begin a perilous quest in search for the most valuable of treasures: Captain Freckles’ sword. But, to his surprise, the sword is possessed by the old captain’s spirit. Now they’ll both have to face the dangers of the island and the curse that rests upon the treasure. Flynn & Freckles is a third-person view, single player game with a great amount of exploration and combat. As Flynn we’ll need to deal with a series of platforms, puzzles and fight against loads of enemies. F&F gives us the opportunity to enjoy, once again, a 3D platformer game, old school 90’s style, with a renewed artistic and technical approach, and all of it revolved around a fantastic pirate setting.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

If you like old school 3D platformers you're going to like Flynn & Freckles.
It has the vive of a late 90s game with modern graphics. Controls are good and camera behaves well.
I love the begining of the game, there are some parts of level design through the game that I would change, but the overall feeling is good.
It has charm characters and enough back story to keep you interested about the world.
Some elements remember to Zelda on N64 or GameCube, some to 3D Mario's games, somes to Spyro or Ratchet & Clank...
It's quite linear but with enough exploration, some figthing and variety on the gameplay mechanics. It's just about having a fun time, as simple as that.
I totally recommend the game.