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At 12:03 AM, September 16th, Damien Mara mysteriously vanished on a camping trip. At 10:00 AM October 1st, the search for Damien was officially called off with no evidence found.

Fleshgait is an atmospheric survival horror game inspired by the classics, but with several unique twists. For example, the game's puzzle and item placement dynamically shifts, so each playthrough is slightly different. The game's event system randomly places jump scares based on the player's progression. "The Stigmatized" are a zombie-like enemy which can be put into a dormant state by receiving damage but can only actually be killed by the use of fire. Another one of many monstrosities you will encounter dynamically grow in numbers if their sources are not destroyed.

Explore, solve puzzles, and conserve resources.

Puzzle and item placement vary on each playthrough.

Realtime menu-less inventory for maximum immersion.

The camera system switches between static cameras and panning cinematic cameras.

Two playable characters, with A and B scenarios.

Fire weapons must be used to fully defeat "The Stigmatized".

Multiple endings.

Dynamic jump scare systems.

Unlockable modes, weapons and costumes.
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