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Flash Point – Online FPS

Flash Point is a multiplayer First-person Shooter Game with a ton to offer.


  • Quick Play Matchmaking

  • Server Browser

  • Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Domination

  • 4 Maps

  • In-Game Weapon Unlocks

  • Weapon Customization

  • 2-12 Players per match

  • Large Arsenal of Weapons to Use

  • Chat System Team/All

Flash Point is a First-Person Shooter Online game that lets you compete with players all over the world. Battle against players in multiple terrains from outdoor environments to indoors. Epic battles allowing absolute chaos. With so many players to kill and experience points to earn to unlock new weapons for battle what are you waiting for?

The game is centered around the idea of simplistic yet addictive gameplay. With multiple different game modes to play you can pick your battles and fight in totally different scenarios. Earn weapons in this game to make you the best. Fight your way to the top!

Progressive Ranking System

Challenges to customize your guns
Promote for 50G

Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Slightly less enjoyable than forcing sharp things into my genitals. 10/10 would download again.

Review from Steam

played the game for 2+ hours and yet to play with another person
there's no bots, i've wasted 2+ hours by myself in this game
10/10 take my money great game

Review from Steam

The mpas have no boundaries. Literally. You can ascend to heaven if you go far enough.

Review from Steam

It's fine i guess, i think they can work on the game but the standard things work.

Review from Steam

the guns ripple

Review from Steam

did play it with few friends .. i personally like it .. fun with friends

Review from Steam

The game itself is pretty CS 1.6ish, Nothing TOO special, However it is worth mentioning that the developers of this game are actually listening and working to fix any bugs encountered.
The achievements seem pretty easy as well, For any achievement hunter out there.
$5 is reasonable, I tested some of the weapons out and the movements, etc. Everything seemed great. I experienced at least 2 bugs so far and as I said before, Devs saw this and contacted me and are working on fixing this.
It's still in Early Access, So if you purchase this and refund it due to a problem, Then you're not really helping as the point is to give feedback so they can fix the game.
The only time a game should receive negative feedback is if the game isn't good and the developers are ignoring the complaints/feedback, So this is why I'm giving the game positive feedback.