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Fish Story

This story took place somewhere in the tropics. In the sky, near a large lagoon, glowing lights appeared, so bright that they became visible even under water. And then some objects began to fall from the sky...

It is an atmospheric underwater game for the whole family with nice graphics, unforgettable music, achievements and story line.

In this game, you have to control a nimble fish. Dodge strange falling objects, keep an eye on hunger levels and look for jewels on the sea bottom!

You will visit various underwater locations and meet face to face with the final boss... but maybe he is not a villain...?

Help the brave fish solve the mystery of the lights!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

100% play through here:
This is most definitely a game made for kids, but it's pretty relaxing and it's easy achievements if you like to collect those. The music is relaxing and I liked that they tried to implement some story even though I really disliked the ending it was a bit too open and ambiguous. Overall though a pretty decent game for .99 cents

Review from Steam

I mean it's pretty and costs nothing. The later stages are too annoying to play for me personally.