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"Great flame spirit, please save us."

Firesoul is a topdown adventure game where you play as a fire spirit answering the final prayer of the last soul on a forgotten island. Use your fire wisps to explore the island, solve puzzles and fight dark spirits. Fulfil the final requests of the lost souls, deduce their identities and uncover the tragic tale of a forgotten island.Using Fire WispsPlace a fire wisp and activate it to dash towards it. Use this to activate mechanisms, solve puzzles, navigate the environment and exorcise souls. You only have three to place at a time so use them wisely.

Explore a forgotten island

Darkness has cast over the land. The shrines to the spirits of nature have been corrupted. As the fire spirit, you must purify the shrines and cleanse the land. Explore the island to find the shrines, discovering areas that were kept secret from outsiders. Solve challenging and diverse puzzles to cleanse the shrines of dark spirits lingering within them. Then hunt down and exorcise the dark spirits to purify the land.Answer the prayers of lost souls to help them reach the afterlife.

Find the lost souls scattered throughout the island. Listen to their final prayers and fulfil their last request. Use the information you gather to deduce their identity to allow them to rest in peace. As you guide souls to the other side, you'll uncover the tragic tale of the island.
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