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Wandering through the deep forest, the tired wayfarer decides to arrange a night camp in a small glade hidden among the tall pines. After cutting young fragrant pine branches and resting for a while near the lightning fire, he suddenly feels a vague anxiety caused by the weirdness of the surrounding forest - not a single sound, not a single gust of wind...

The deeper the advancing darkness becomes, the deeper and more inevitable is the feeling of the growing danger of blurry forest shadows and glittering red eyes, flashing among the trees.
Only the bright campfire stands between the wayfarer and the strange outlines of the forthcoming tall figure…

“Finsterwald” is a survival horror with elements of adventure VR game (and EVENTUALLY a 3D game - depending on Kickatarter campaign results), based on Dark Ages period German fabulas about Ancient Guardian of the Forests – Waldschrat. Vigilantly observing the behavior of all visitors, he watches over the peace and safety of trees, birds, animals and other fosterlings on the entrusted territory.
As today old narratives are almost forgotten, the careless wayfarers often do not possess the rules of behavior and don’t have knowledge about ways to tame the ancient power, still hidden in the heart of the forest…

State-of-the-art 3D immersive audio technology and modern visual design deliver the most immersive gaming experience ever. Dive into the thrilling atmosphere of old Germanic fabulas and try to cope, having only burning branches of the fire and a desperate desire to survive. Goodwilled Protector of Nature or an Evil Spirit? - It’s your turn to decide!
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