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Fast & Furious Crossroads

PC Steam Console Playstation action Xbox racing cars speed combat racing action-adventure
Caught up in a dangerous world of organized crime, three small-time garage owners find themselves at a crossroads. In a quest for vengeance, their destinies collide with a cast of familiar faces who share the same adversary. • Rev-up for an official new chapter in the Fast & Furious saga as Dom, Letty and Roman return to put YOU at the center of the story. • Speed through thrilling blockbuster action across the globe in cars taken from the movies, all curated by Dennis McCarthy, the official Fast & Furious car coordinator. • Experience intense cinematic heists and deploy new and familiar gadgets from the movies. • Play online with friends for 3-faction, team-based “cops vs. villains vs. heroes” vehicular action. • Level up to unlock cars, paint, wraps, sprays, plates, gadgets, and more.
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