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Fantastic Honey

Each of us can imagine an elf, because this is a very popular image that now and then pops up in the fantasy genre: a tall, warlike (but not lost from this tenderness and attractiveness), eternally young woman with thin, long ears that barely look out of the light , long and well-groomed hair. Our game is entirely dedicated to these beautiful, albeit fictional creatures, so if you also admire them, then Fantastic Honey you will definitely love it!

Fantastic Honey - A hentai puzzle game in which you have to piece together images of elves, who are striving to take off some of their clothes! A lot of beautiful pictures await you, in which every player will definitely find what he likes!

Features of the game:

- Fascinating pictures

- Relaxing graphics and gameplay

- 10 girls and over 30 levels with them!

- Nice soundtrack

- Original voice acting!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Decent artwork, easy puzzles, basically the same game as Beautiful Elves (Beautiful Elves was removed from the store).

Review from Steam

Fantastic Honey is a good hentai puzzle game in which you need to piece together images with elves. In this game you will find: Fascinating pictures, relaxing graphics and gameplay, 10 girls and more than 30 levels with them, nice music.