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Fair Deal: Las Vegas

Fair Deal Las Vegas is our current project set to release Fall 2018.

Graphics made following 80’s techniques, no glow, particles or other new effects. Just like old Arcade Coinops.

Inspired by and made with all our love for 80’s and 90’s videogames such as ‘Robocop’ (Data East 1988), ‘Rygar’ (Tecmo 1986) and the fantastic ‘Streets of Rage’ for Genesis, ‘Fair Deal Las Vegas’ wants to capture the essence of those games and bring it to PC and the new consoles thirty years later.The Player

In this retro adventure inspired by 80’s arcade games you will play as Paul Riggs, a former corrupt cop from Detroit seeking revenge throughout five different levels carefully handcrafted to deliver a fun experience to every player. His goal is to get rid of the mafia’s boss that once made him do terrible things for money.

The Weapons

Find a variety of weapons placed in cases all around the map to destroy everyone that gets in your way. From shotguns to miniguns, Paul Riggs knows how to handle every weapon he encounters and how to be the perfect killer with each one.

The World

Enjoy a living environment and interact with it in various ways. Destroy or take advantage of obstacles to help you achieve your goal as fast as possible, getting to the end of ​the level and one step closer to the mafia’s boss.


Fight the multiple types of enemies that you’ll encounter along your way in each level. But be careful, they are though guys and will do anything to stop you. Enjoy the various ways to kill them with all your weapons.


Featuring music by Robert Parker, Miami Nights 1984, Daniel Deluxe, Alex and Zero Chaotic

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

FUN + RETRO + SYNTHWAVE + ACTION PACKED ALL-IN-ONE!!! A complete blast from the past in an awesome 80's nostalgic narrative which is inspired by classic action movies! With very simple controls; it's easy to kick some ass! Warning! It's very addicting! Love it! You guys will certainly enjoy it!! - Ray "℞ayzor" Garcia (Radio Personality/DJ of Synth Zone)

Review from Steam

Ridiculously difficult. I have no idea how anyone could beat this game, let alone get past stage 2. With only 2 continues, getting to the end must be insanity. I really like it and the asthetic, but I have no idea how one could get to the end, sometimes you are forced to takes hits, so I guess it is entirely up to luck. Also fuck the elevator..... and dogs..... and grenades. Solid 6/10, you may enjoy it for awhile, but this definitely aint fair.

Review from Steam

Looks very promising, beautiful music, bloody violence, very funny, also there is a comic dude with short legs and long gun on the ceiling and 2 helicopter bosses!:)
10 falling chairs from 10:)

Review from Steam

I loved it, it reminds me a lot of the old coinops. Waiting to see the other levels. :-D

Review from Steam

The failing chairs part at the end of stage one is so difficult, that part of the game feels broken. Or I just really suck. The 10 minutes I play before reaching the climb of doom is an 80's filled blast of retro gaming and I love it. Fantastic in everything that it is, buy only if you don't mind some rage.

Review from Steam

The developpers are doing a pretty good job. This game is retro and full of movie reference. You can cross robert de Niro dressed in Taxi Driver (better not ***k with him) . the game is still in developpement but so far it is very addictive.
Keep up the good work guys.

Review from Steam

I understand that it's a work in progress and it wasn't released that long ago but $5 for one mission is kind of shitty. They should have just waited. but i would also like too see this game improve so i guess ill give it a recommended.