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Fabulous – Angela’s True Colors

Angela is ready to make a bid for the New York fashion throne, but the reigning queen has other ideas...

Your favorite fashionista is back with a style-filled New York adventure as can only happen to Angela!

Angela's dream is to open a fashion boutique in the heart of New York's most glamorous designer area.It's nearly Fashion Week, and she's ready to shine. With new sketches in her portfolio, she’s off to find investors, who are closer than she thinks… But when reigning fashion queen Noémie hears about the hot young designer trying to take over, she sets out to destroy Angela's plans.

At first Noémie's plan seems to succeed, and Angela returns home with her tail between her legs. But Angela wouldn't be Angela if she let some fading designer dull her sparkle!

Your work is cut out for you. Can you assist Angela with her boutique *and* help her get into the New York Fashion Week?

👠 Create dresses, and stock bags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories for Angela's shop

👠 Decorate the boutique to make it New York chic

👠 Dress up your models, give them hairstyles and glam makeup, and send each beauty onto the runway

👠 Are your fingers nimble enough to defeat our exciting time management gameplay?

👠 Design your way through 60 story levels and 24 challenge levels

👠 Earn your highest score in the 6 fabulous Endless Levels

👠 Give your models a fashion makeover and share your most amazing haute couture outfits on Facebook

👠 Are you Team Angel 😇 or Team Devil 😈? Which advice would *you* give Angela?

👠 Discover two secret levels!

👠 Master 20 unique fashion-themed minigames
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Angela is my favorite out of all Gamehouse characters, her games are always fun and this one is no exception! She is back and she wants to prove herself to the world that she is a great aspiring designer, luckily Angela has the best friends forever, the Fabulous Four who did not hesitate and fund their ambitious friend to open her own boutique. Everyone has faith in her, but can she do it? Especially when the fashion queen Noémie hears about her and tried to destroy her, can Angela join everyone in the fashion week and succeed? This story is so fun, Angela's character's development is the best.
Like most of Gamehouse series, this game has 86 levels (60 story, 24 bonus, 2 secret) as well as the dress-up game where you purchase models outfits with the diamonds you earn from playing. The endless mode which can be played every 24 hours will give you three extra diamonds, it is fun but very stressful.
The graphics and designs of each stage is very beautiful, especially the details, although I wished they change the character's outfits, especially that this is a fashion game, Angela been wearing this outfit forever. I was very happy to see characters from other games, especially Angela's sister, Emily, and Francois. I might have missed something but I don't know where did this love interest of Angela has started. I remember seeing him in the other games but had no idea they got together at one point.
I enjoyed the soundtracks a lot, but I've noticed when you replay any stage the music stops playing. My other issue with this game and every game from Gamehouse is the mouse cursor! They need to make a special and 'visible' one if they expect us to click quickly on the customers, sometimes the cursor just disappears.
+Beautiful detailed stages.
+Fun characters.
+Great soundtracks.
+Fun and smooth gameplay.
+Dress-up models extra game.
+Steam achievements.
- Needs custom mouse cursor (Sometimes you can't see the default small system cursor when the stage is busy)
This series still my favorite, I enjoy everything Angela does and her character did change from the first time she showed up in Emily's games. I'm looking forward to playing the latest game they released and see what Angela been up to. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy this genre.
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𝐹𝑜𝑟 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑒𝑤𝑠 𝑐𝘩𝑒𝑐𝑘 𝑚𝑦 𝑐𝑢𝑟𝑎𝑡𝑜𝑟 𝑝𝑎𝑔𝑒 𝐹𝑒𝑒𝑛𝑎'𝑠 𝐶𝘩𝑜𝑖𝑐𝑒

Review from Steam

Fabulous 4: Angela's True Colors (Dash-TM)
Game provided for Curator review
Options are simply buttons for Music/SFX/Tips on/off and Full-screen. No choice for difficulty.
Angela's dream is to bring her clothing designs to the world and make it big in the fashion industry, so -- with a little help from her friends -- she opens a boutique in New York's hottest district. Her idol, Noémie, has a shop just a few blocks away, but Noémie doesn't like competition... Now it's a race to clinch a spot in Fashion Week's biggest show, and only Angela's fiery spirit can get her through this trial.
You don't have to have played the previous Fabulous games to figure out what's going on here, but you'll have a greater appreciation for the characters and guest appearances if you're familiar with the GameHouse Original Stories series of games.
The last Angela game I played was Fashion Fever (the first one), and I was experiencing a real sense of déjà vu with the story, but it quickly became apparent that things were going to play out MUCH differently in True Colors.
The game plays like any dash-type time management, and will be easy to pick up for anyone who's familiar with the genre, and be on the lookout for Carl the mouse! He's on every level, even the bonuses. Here's how it works:
Your job is to serve customers. When they enter the store, they'll go to the area (station) that they're interested in, and a bubble will pop up over their head(s) to show you what they'd like. All you have to do is grab it and take it to them. Sounds simple, right?
Well it is at first, as you'll only have a few items to work with on the early levels for each location. New products and mini-games are added as you progress, so of course the difficulty amps up as you go along. I'll come back to that in a bit.
The Mini-games are simple pop-ups where you interact with customers/models, and only take a second or two to complete. Easy things like clicking a few times (turning on lighting for photo shoots; pinning clothes), swiping your mouse (sewing, helping with zippers), etc.
Your score is managed on the left side of the screen, and your goal is to get the gauge up to or above 3 diamonds. Each diamond you reach will net you 100 coins to use for each location's upgrades (up to 300 coins per level, including when you re-play the level).
Bonuses. Bonuses Everywhere:
Coming back to the difficulty, this is one of the easier dash games I've played, as there are bonuses for every little thing. Chaining deliveries, checking multiple people out at once, completing mini-games, finding the mouse, having a clean store at the end of the level... The list goes on and on.
Now I like having bonuses for these things, but the amount awarded is -- in my opinion -- way too high. There is almost no challenge to the story-related levels, and I think I only had to replay one level (maybe two) out of 60 in order to get my 3 stars.
Is the game too easy? Maybe... Or it could be that I've been playing these games for so long that I'm just really good at tracking what needs to be done. Hard to say. Is the game still fun? Yes, absolutely!
NOTE: If you want your game to be more difficult, don't buy any upgrades for your shops until you've finished playing ('cause you know you're going to want those achievements! *_*)
Money and Diamonds:
The Bonus Levels are harder than the story-related levels, and a new one is unlocked every few story-levels that you complete. Getting full points for these levels will not only earn you 300 coins, but 3 diamonds as well (each story level earns you 1 diamond if you complete the day's Event).
Diamonds are used in the dress-up screen, where you can unlock clothing, accessories and models. Dress them up and send them out on the runway for a photo shoot. Replaying a level will get you extra coins but not diamonds. There are two ways to earn more diamonds to spend:
Buy them with your coins!
Play in Endless Mode. You can find this at the bottom of every map screen, and is indicated by the infinity symbol (sideways 8). Every 24 hours you can "spin" for a new location to play in, but you can play the same location as many times as you want until that 24 hours is up.
Endless Mode goes in shifts, giving you a small break to restock items... and also giving the timer an opportunity to run out if a customer is dawdling. Each shift you have to serve more customers before it will end. Just try it, you'll see.
Angela has grown as character, but she'll always be Angela: Head-strong, fiesty and at times vulnerable. The gameplay is a bit easier than I'm used to, but I still had a lot of fun. The story was engaging, and even had a few laugh-out-loud moments that still have me grinning. I absolutely enjoyed coming back to Fabulous, and look forward to playing the rest of the series!

Review from Steam

Winter has finally come to my town with its -25°C and heavy snow, so there is just no better time to return to one of my favorite series about lively and charming Angela.
This is the fifth game in the Fabulous series (if I have not missed any of them, of course), and I recommend playing the previous titles before starting Angela's True Colors or you will miss a great story and will have problems understanding who is who.
The Story
Angela has finally decided to open her own fashion boutique in the fashionable part of New York. Her friends – Kitty, Virginia, Jenny and Fran - are always ready to help and provide Angela with enough money to make her dreams come true. The new portfolio is ready, the dresses are shining on mannequins and people are gathering outside to get a glimpse of the new fashion designer. Angela is ready to shine!
Hmmmm…have we forgotten about something? Or…somebody?
Noémie, the current Fashion Queen, is not ready to give up on her title. She does just everything to ruin Angela’s image and career, and she seems to succeed at first. Even Jenny cannot do anything because Noémie found a way to bring her to court after a particularly scandalous interview.
Angela returns to Snuggford to forget about fashion forever. Will she be utterly crashed or will her eyes sparkle once again? Will Francois and the loving Napoli family bring back our beloved fashionista? Only the Fashion Week will show!
The Gameplay
The gameplay is not exactly the same as the one in Delicious, for example, but they still have some common points. Also, if you have ever played any previous Fabulous titles, then you should already know what to expect.
As in all time-management games, you need to control the shop and serve its many customers. People will come, look through various goods and decide what they want – some of them are slower than others, so watch each person carefully. If you do not serve the customer fast enough, he or she will start losing patience. What does it mean? Right, you will lose money. And we do not want this, right? If you are fast enough, your customers will leave extra tips. It is also a good idea to do the same action several times in a row while it brings additional points.
Each stage has an additional task, and it is a good idea to complete them – a hefty amount of points is always good for your score. And do not forget about the sneaky mouse! One of the achievements will be unlocked only if you catch all of these little guys.
The last but not least, there are a lot of mini-games which are different in each of six places (chapters). Some are very easy and some can seem a bit tricky at first but turn out to be easy to master.
Time-management features aside, Fabulous also has something for us, designers with bright imagination. By earning gems through completing challenges and tasks in each stage, you will be able to buy various fashion items and accessories for your model. Dress her up in any way you like and take a photo to show off to your friends – just do not overdo it!
Good and Bad
I have already mentioned in my other reviews that I really like Angela as a person. She is very charming and lively and it is difficult not to adore her from the very beginning. The girl is not a diva and actually lacks some self-confidence, which makes her even more lovable. Angela’s friends are great, too – they are very supportive and, to be honest, I think all of us would be extremely lucky to have people like this around us.
Another thing that makes Fabulous an amazing game is attention to details. Each chapter has unique items to sell – the dresses never look dull and create the right fashionable atmosphere; accessories are bright and look chic; and each room is just beautiful. I really liked how different Snuggford was from Noémie’s boutique – they are like two sides of Angela: one is kind-hearted and homey, while the other one is like a sparkling shark ready to bit its way through catwalk intrigues.
The gameplay is as smooth as ever and I have nothing to complain about. There are also some new things like secret levels that feature Angela’s angel and demon sides. By the way, watch the closing credits until the end because then…oops, it is a secret!
Now, speaking about bad things. Something related to my own taste mostly. When I first launched the game, I was very surprised to see that there was no traditional Main Menu. Just stages and several profile pictures (that can be changed, but this will always move you to another profile, so be careful). To be honest, I was scared for a moment that this time GameHouse decided to skip this essential part of all their games – yes, I do think that each theme song and Main Menu’s art is what makes them so unique – but when I restarted Angela's True Colors, I saw that everything is right where it should be. Hello, another great artwork and theme song! I have never been so happy to see and hear you both! But I wish we met right when I started playing.
I also felt that some parts of the story were rushed; for example, the beginning and the ending. We dive into Angela’s problems right away, and even though I have played previous Fabulous games, I still felt confused for a moment. I do not remember Angela's Wedding Disaster mentioning anything related to Angela’s future boutique, so the whole premise of the new story was like snow in summer. Also, usually Angela does not get into trouble right away and has some time to enjoy herself, while here she makes just all possible mistakes right in chapter one. And I think that the main antagonist is underdeveloped – her story started abruptly and ended too fast.
The third complaint is related to music. No-no, I am not going to say that any of the tracks are bad. Quite the opposite, each one is as great as always. However, the thing is that sometimes music just disappears. For example, I experienced this problem during the first challenge or when I restarted a level. I am not sure what caused this problem, but it does not seem right that music can just stop out of nowhere.
I think that is all that I have to complain about. So, let us move to the most important part of this review…
The Verdict
Would I recommend Fabulous - Angela's True Colors? Yes, I definitely would. This part of the series may be weaker story-wise compared to the previous parts, but it is still wonderful and is a real treat for all time-management and fashion fans.
If you are looking for a simple yet entertaining game to spend several evening with, then look no more! Angela will never let you get bored, and her misfortunes never have a bad ending. True love and friendship always wins, and this designer will find her place in the glittering world of expensive dresses. And you will have a lot of fun helping her to do it.
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Review from Steam

"I'm a theoretical person who never heard of a Diner Dash game - what are they all about?"
Customers enter your store / diner / movie studio / torture dungeon. They want to be measured for a suit, pick up a bottle of perfume, have a steak dinner to go or have all their nails torn out. Unfortunately, all the products are scattered across the poorly designed store, and some have to prepared (steak cooked, dress made on the spot, pincers heated) before they are ready.
The longer the costumers wait, the less points you get for eventually servicing them, until they finally escape your dungeon after running out of patience. You get bonuses for serving people quickly, but also for giving them all the products they asked for at once, serving several people in a row without picking up more products, etc. So you have to plan your route on the fly to make the most points and ace each level.
Each level also has a special condition of some sort that will provide a bonus - catch all the mice, ignore any customer asking for a red item, shoot every tax collector that walks in within 10 seconds. You generally don't actually need to complete every level with full marks to continue on to the next one, but if you don't, then you won't exactly find much of a challenge.
It's a remarkably flexible genre, allowing the protagonist to do everything from running a family restaurant (in a different setting every 10 levels, just to keep things fresh) to conquering the high fashion world (while also serving food during some stages, for some reason) to being a doctor (also changing specializations every ten levels. After all, the only difference between urine analysis and open heart surgery is the exact flavor of minigame involved).
At the start and end of every level you get a bit of ongoing story - help your grandpa recover from his amnesia, romance the hospital administrator and help him kick his pill habit, catch the serial killer, and find a home for all those adorable puppies you just helped bring into the world.
Ok, so what's the difference between one DD clone and another?
Mostly iterative differences in terms of mechanics and game optimization, as well how stupid / crazy / good the story gets.
It's insane just how much a minor improvement in terms of speed makes the game that much more addictive and accessible. I really loved Delicious Emily: Message in a Bottle, for being the first Diner Dash clone I really played, and having a properly insane story. But trying to replay it now, this really simple former mobile game takes like 20 seconds just to launch. By contrast, I can access actual gameplay in Angela's True Colors in 5 seconds or so.
Same deal with (say) customer waiting time or how long it takes you to prepare items. Customers in Message in a Bottle can crowd the counter for 10 to 15 seconds before they actually make a decision. By contrast, customers in True Colors take exactly 2-3 seconds to ask for a product. Simple changes that greatly improve player convenience and how addictive the game experience is. Been a while since I really felt the "just another 2-3 levels - just another store upgrade and a bit of story - oh whoops, I've been at it for hours" level of interest.
Gamehouse games have some very deep lore and an extensive multiverse with between-games continuity. Emily runs a restaurant in a small mid-western town, but constantly finds reasons to run other food places around the world. Her sister Angela re-conquers the fashion world in New York every game anew (and find a reason to go back to said mid-western town once per game). There's the town doctor, the town vet, the local hair salon, the burgeoning mid-west movie scene, all of which have their own game series. I'm not entirely sure how the homicide detectives and the Love Boat crew are connected, though I would have really appreciated it if the evil rival fashion designer ended up carted away as a result of (checks the Gamehouse catalog...) Parker and Lane's CSI skills.
As you can imagine, the story is unironically great, in that whole "it takes a village to get one fashion designer to the top... again... for the whatever time". It even deals with my minor annoyances from previous Angela games - you don't spend half the game serving food for some reason, and the customers are actually a supportive presence. Seriously - previous gamehouse games had the customers in a family-restaurant be a necessary evil at best and a huge annoyance at worst, so I appreciate the change.
Anyways. Quick to launch, good difficulty balance, neat storyline. Recommended.

Review from Steam

To be honest I didn't have an expectation with this game, seeing Angela's Wedding Disaster was a DISASTER with the lack of story. BUT I'm really surprised, I really enjoyed True Colors!! It's almost as good as the very first Angela game, I really enjoyed the story and the whole concept of Angela finally going on her own. I love the rival drama and how Angela struggles to get a break, I enjoyed the challenges and getting the achievements. The only negative I have is repeating so many levels to get all the diamonds for the Yuki achievement, you have to almost play the game twice to get enough diamonds. Next time make it just enough for a once off play or don't add that achievement at all, seeing repeating levels get frustrating. I'll tip my hat to this one, they improved with the story and hopefully the future stories will be worth it too!!

Review from Steam

Gamehouse delivers again. It's the same game. (free review copy through curator connect)
You might like it:
Time management games are hectic organisation click-fests, and you need to tell the protagonist (a blonde caught up in her creative non-business phase) what to do in which order to please the customers as fast as possible. Tasks are quite diverse and some of them have one- to four-click mini games attached. You probably know if you like this genre, because there are a lot of free browser games in the same fashion, usually set in a restaurant environment. Between sowing dresses, fetching shoes and building handbags, Angela's boutique is a good game. It looks good, it controls well, the options menu is enough, but is underwhelming on PC, and the story is pretty basic. On several occasions it shows that this is a mobile game.
You might get bored:
Even the "find the hidden rodent" part is in it. If you ask yourself, what I mean by that, then you never played Heart's medicine from the same publisher, or any other GameHouse time management game. It is a re-skin. Everything is there down to refilling goods and challenge levels for more diamonds.
You get more of the same:
If you don't mind, that you get exactly the same game, but this time in an IT-girl fashion boutique setting, you are good to go! 60 levels are at your disposal. If this is the first management game you try and like it, play heart's medicine next, it has an awesome story on top (but avoid the sequel).
I will not finish the story. I do not wish to spend more time in the setting. Also I feel like being able to predict the story down to which character will appear next. But the game is recommendable, no question.
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Review from Steam

I really love these types of games. This one is good but the buying all the clothes is a big pain. I have played the levels a lot and still have not been able to buy all the clothes. Other people have said the same thing. I like getting all the achievements so I will most likely keep playing.