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Evade Zero

Evade Zero. is a high-octane up to 4 player local arcade game. Each player is equipped with a gun, a dash and their wits. Players will jump into the frenzy to battle their friends off the stage, last player remaining wins! The game features 12 unique stages with various traps, triggers and dangers. You can also add AI to round out the party and a unique pinball visual style.

- 2, 3 or 4 player local arcade action.
- Use Steams remote play to play with your friends.
- Only 2 or 3 of you? Fill out the arena with advanced bots.
- Knocked out but not gone, keep playing with after-life mode.
- 12 unique and original stages with an awesome pinball aesthetic.
- Over 50 customization options for your ball.
- Testing you skill or just learn some with training mode.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Very fun to play

Review from Steam

current world record holder for the movement training level with 4 seconds

Review from Steam

Welp the pinballs have guns I think I've seen it all, I don't think I need to play another game ever again, we've reached the peak, there is nothing more.