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Escape the Unknown

Escape the Unknown is a single player fantasy RPG roguelike hybrid featuring procedurally-generated levels, a variety of level locations and enemies, and lore gained along the way to regain the main characters memory.

In a distant time, there was an ancient race of elves that ruled " Tauriel”. The King was a Dark Elf who ruled with an iron fist and disdain for all humans. Although contact was forbidden, the rebellious princess betrayed the rules. She fell in love with a prince from a faraway realm and eloped. The King blamed her disappearance on the humans and started a war for her return. The prince and princess eventually became King and Queen ruling over a land called Amnera.

By miracle, they welcomed a child, and all rejoiced for the news. Until their physical distinctions were too hard to miss, placing a target on their back.
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