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Escape from Tarkov

PC action shooter atmospheric simulation survival Windows fps stealth war tactical realistic guns russian
Escape from Tarkov - is an outstanding realistic tactical simulator. It's not a regular shooter, where you just run & kill everything that moves. Developers did put a lot of effort into this atmospheric and realitstic survival simulator. Some of the core features include: 1) Injury system, that affects your move speed or shooting accuracy, or other parameters, depending on the injured part of the body. 2) All weapons created from their real-life prototypes: rifles, guns, shotguns with incredible customization, that allows you to replace or install custom sights and perks. 3) Impressive talent tree and generaly detailed role-playing features with inventory, craft, upgrades and skills. 4) Atmospheric fictional Russian city where the story happens, get deep into this world of war games and try to save your life and escape from Tarkov.
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