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Ephemeral Tale

An inevitable end. An unstoppable beginning.

Where another story ends, yours is just getting started.

Ephemeral Tale is a dungeon crawler/looter hybrid for the modern age, featuring hand-crafted dungeons, classic JRPG-style combat, and a loot-driven progression system.

Traverse through hand-crafted environments in search of those who hold the power to rewrite fate. As you tackle the game's diverse dungeons, you'll discover clues that will reveal the secrets of this forgotten land.

Collect powerful, randomized gear and build your own style of play! With over 80 pieces of unique loot, there's always something new to try.

Engage in challenging combat that can be approached in many different ways. Find and personalize the build that works for you while you fight exciting enemies and challenging bosses alike!

Fight an undead T-Rex. Befriend a dog. Pet a grackle...?

Ephemeral Tale includes a range of accessibility options, from control schemes (including keyboard, controller, and touch input) as well as colorblind settings and difficulty options, empowering you to play however you decide you want (or need) to.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's fun, it has some flaws, but that doesn't ruin the game and the best part is that the developers respond right away and collect information to fix the bugs.
It seems to have some missing content for 2 places that may be added soon. I would also like to see some "fillings" there are some bare places in the dungeons that can have a chest or something to see/read.
Overall i give it 8/10 for the genre. Should be tried as a game, it doesn't cost much and it will stimulate the developers to continue working on this and new projects.

Review from Steam

Very fun combination of a lot of fun concepts from different games rolled into one. The monotony of random encounters is toned down by the fact that any monster could possibly drop your next big item. Every piece of equipment you find has a durability and will break (unless you get one of the highest rarity, then it doesn't break.) It may seem frustrating, but with the diversity of items has you cycling in and out different types of armor/weapons with different abilities and random stat bonuses which keeps the random encounters interesting.

Review from Steam

Fun little loot JRPG. New game + so you can playthough over and over while retaining your skills/gear. At least for me, the metagame meant grinding for orange gear, which have infinite durability unlike the lower tiers of gear. Most of the loot drops off many different types of enemies, however some loot only drops off specific monsters, for example "Sassy's Murder Mitts" only seem to drop off the Tigeuxrs in the Bayou. The chances of getting an orange Sassy is pretty low so eventually its just grinding. There was a faint glimmer of hope delivered in the form of a witch NPC who can take 4 pieces of your unwanted gear and combine them into one piece of gear. However, there is no reliable way to use the witch to produce orange gear, and the gear she produces is also completely random, even though she hints that the fourth piece of gear you supply will somehow determine what you get. Also her dialogue for combining is WAYYYYY too long and I spent hours with her emptying my inventory and didn't get any orange.
It's a good game to play for a while, but after two playthroughs and still having no way to reliably farm orange it gets tedious.

Review from Steam

This review is mixed. The game isn't bad but it feels lacking.
The way you customize characters and level them is pretty straight forward. You get souls which = exp. You get levels from that. Loot is almost all stat changes but feels a bit underwhelming. The skill tree is linear. The game looks pretty. Story is background and not very exciting. even after 3 hours. Imo it cost too much for the lack of mechanical depth. Needs a lower price point.

Review from Steam

Ephemeral Tale is a great amalgamation of a few different games and is really quite enjoyable.
You play as a single protag and a revolving door of secondary support characters a la FFMQ.
The sound effects and dialogue effects are very reminiscent of Golden Sun, another game I love.
The combat system isn't as deep as I would have liked, but the real star of the show here is the exploration and questing. The game doesn't hold your hand though, so it helps to pay attention to what it tells you.
The pixel art is well made and the music is effective at conveying the emotions of the scene.
I'm happy with my purchase.

Review from Steam

I played a few weeks after it was released and retook it again. The tutorial section is much better now and the game has been expanded a lot through updates. Battles are still fast and interesting, and I love the music. It's a very good game!