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Endzone – A World Apart Screenshot 1
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Endzone – A World Apart

PC Steam indie strategy sandbox simulator city builder
The campaign begins with the fact that in 2021 terrorists began to massively undermine the power plants of the planet, plunging humanity into chaos. Escaped to the underground bunkers of the "endozone" for 150 years, he hid from a general catastrophe and finally decided to return to the surface. Lead a group of survivors in a harsh radioactive environment. The ever-changing climate, dirty and toxic rains and the enemy in the form of terrorist groups will force you to learn how to survive from scratch and prove that you are a real leader. You must build a shelter on a hostile surface. There are 30 different building types available for the convenience of your settlers. However, expansion will require a variety of resources and a well-planned economy. Develop efficient infrastructure, stock up on provisions, make your home comfortable for long stays.
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