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En Route: Space

En Route: Space is a 2 player co-op puzzle game. You and your partner are in an adventure and you must work together to figure out the solutions. It is all about cooperation and teamwork.

All the environment and puzzles are specifically designed to challenge your mind. You need to open your mind and observe your surroundings. Remember, you need each other to solve the puzzles.

You will be communicating with your partner throughout to game to solve the mysterious puzzles. A good communication is the key for success.

Please note that you and your partner need to have a microphone to communicate with each other inside the game.

Find a good partner and prepare yourself for an immersive adventure that will sharpen your mind!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Decent co-op puzzler. There's not a lot of them, so I appreciate them when they come around.
There's about 9 puzzles in total, and all but the last are pretty straight forward. For $10, it's worth playing thru with a friend, if you are into this genre. It took us a little over an hour and a half to clear it, which is about the price-to-value ratio of a movie ticket.
Doesn't have the charm of the We Were Here series, and is not wildly atmospheric, but is well thought out and intuitive, which is worth a lot in my opinion.

Review from Steam

The game itself is nice but the puzzles are great. Really requires you to communicate with your friend, even then they are quite hard. If you like puzzle games and want to be challenged, its just the game for you.