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Dusk Diver 酉閃町

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Dusk Diver is an anime style beat-em-up action game. You will be playing as Yumo, an ordinary high school girl, to fight with the Guardians against those Phantoms who dare to enter the realm of men.

■ Combat & Guardian Support SystemUse light and heavy attacks to chain up combo moves, summon Guardians and use your ultimate to eliminate all enemies.

Guardians have their specific traits and purposes, use them wisely to help you in the glorious battle.

■ Game sets at Taipei Ximending, famous tourist spot realistically brought aliveBacked with local merchants’ support and permissions, the streets of Ximending are depicted vividly. On top of it, you can as well travel freely to experience the storyline in the surface, “Ximending” or to slay the Phantoms in the hidden world, “Youshanding”.

■ Professional voiceovers, making the characters come aliveWith experienced voiceovers dubbing the right characters in both Japanese and Mandarin, you can choose your preferred language in game at anytime.

Japanese / Taiwanese CV dubbing lineups

Protagonist – Yang Yumo JP CV : Rina Sato / CH CV : Hsuan-Ming Mu

Guardian – Leo JP CV : Ryota Takeuchi / CH CV : Poko Ko

Guardian– Bahet JP CV : Masahiro Yamanaka / CH CV : Shao-Lun Lu(MR.XY)

Guardian– Le Viada JP CV : Atsumi Tanezaki / CH CV : Angel Lin

Schoolmate – Liu Yusha JP CV : Yuina Yamada / CH CV : Amber Guo

Boss – JP CV : Arisa Shida / CH CV : Jui-Chin Wang

Nemea JP CV : Kate Mizukiri / CH CV : Giiny Shen
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

✨ These guys should make «Power Rangers» or «RWBY» game. Seriously, that would be amazing! There are a lot of rather monotonous, hardcore or simply uninteresting projects among indie H&S games, «DD» is much better. The game is quite casual, but in other aspects (presentation, controls, content, etc.) it's nice! It doesn't compare to triple-A games. The plot is a typical seasonal fantasy anime. Nevertheless, a good game, buy it with a discount!

Review from Steam

Decent action game with very rough edges that could still provide you with some fun.
Core action gameplay was implemented well enough that it's fun
most of the time, and some of the tougher boss fights are quite challenging, but overall lacks variety and balance.
The game does feel like the product of a small team, and while I can appreciate the effort and uniqueness of its setting, most of the content in it felt a bit unremarkable and at times unpolished. The game doesn't really make a strong argument for you to care about its characters, their stories or the rest of the side content. Maybe something was lost in translation? Regardless, the english localization could have used an extra grammar check.
Overall, fun if you're looking for a short game to play in short bursts, but don't come expecting a masterpiece. Might be worth it on sale.

Review from Steam

P a p a y a m i l k ! !
- Bahet 2 0 1 9

Review from Steam

A fairly decent game which is composed of a mix of mechanics from Dynasty Warriors, Yakuza, and Persona. The combat can feel somewhat repetitive at times, as in most Warriors-type games, and the story isn't anything to write home about, but I rather enjoyed the characters, atmosphere, and style (even though it's more or else aping Persona 5 in that regard) presented within.
Overall, I feel this game is rather underrated for what it offers and if you are a fan of any of the three series I listed you will probably have a good time with this one.

Review from Steam

Dusk Diver feels a mix of Persona and Yakuza based on how it looks and plays. It's a fun beat 'em up that the combat can feel repetitive but makes up for it's enemy variation, guardians abilities, and ok story.

Review from Steam

Taiwanese PersonaxYakuzaxMusous where I didn't Dive into any Dusk.

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