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Dusk Diver 酉閃町

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Dusk Diver is an anime style beat-em-up action game. You will be playing as Yumo, an ordinary high school girl, to fight with the Guardians against those Phantoms who dare to enter the realm of men.

■ Combat & Guardian Support SystemUse light and heavy attacks to chain up combo moves, summon Guardians and use your ultimate to eliminate all enemies.

Guardians have their specific traits and purposes, use them wisely to help you in the glorious battle.

■ Game sets at Taipei Ximending, famous tourist spot realistically brought aliveBacked with local merchants’ support and permissions, the streets of Ximending are depicted vividly. On top of it, you can as well travel freely to experience the storyline in the surface, “Ximending” or to slay the Phantoms in the hidden world, “Youshanding”.

■ Professional voiceovers, making the characters come aliveWith experienced voiceovers dubbing the right characters in both Japanese and Mandarin, you can choose your preferred language in game at anytime.

Japanese / Taiwanese CV dubbing lineups

Protagonist – Yang Yumo JP CV : Rina Sato / CH CV : Hsuan-Ming Mu

Guardian – Leo JP CV : Ryota Takeuchi / CH CV : Poko Ko

Guardian– Bahet JP CV : Masahiro Yamanaka / CH CV : Shao-Lun Lu(MR.XY)

Guardian– Le Viada JP CV : Atsumi Tanezaki / CH CV : Angel Lin

Schoolmate – Liu Yusha JP CV : Yuina Yamada / CH CV : Amber Guo

Boss – JP CV : Arisa Shida / CH CV : Jui-Chin Wang

Nemea JP CV : Kate Mizukiri / CH CV : Giiny Shen
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Review from a 100% playthrough on the steam deck.
To get the game working properly I used Proton-6.1-GE-2.
You can easily get around 3-4 hours at a steady 30 fps and 6 watts TDP.
(There is about 4 stages in the game, particularly the water stages that tanks fps due to all the reflections. But otherwise it never dips outside of those places)
For the game itself it's very fun and fits the deck perfectly.
The levels are very bite sized and at the most just crosses the 10 minute mark.
So the game is easy to pick up and play whenever really.
The story is alright, nothing amazing and there is quite a few times that you can tell the localization suffers because the writer isn't a native English speaker. (A common mistake is the boss of the group aptly called "boss". But everyone refers to her as boss instead of the boss)
The world is nice to look at and the graphics pop out a lot on the deck with a very colorful and stylized artstyle that honestly just looks better when looked at from a distance.
The gameplay is the real star of this game and reminds me of an early PS3/Xbox 360 era type game.
It's a hack and slash that borders on being a musou at times when you get enough enemies to get the combo counter to 999.
The animations in combat are a little bit stiff but it feels nice to punch enemies and some attacks in particular have incredible wight behind them in an immensely satisfying way.
The finishers all look very stylish, although they become a bit repetitive since you have to spam them at the end game to quickly finish missions.
Overall, it is a game that doesn't overstay it's welcome and delivers a great deck experience.
A big recommendation from me if you like playing simpler games on your deck!

Review from Steam

Decent action game with very rough edges that could still provide you with some fun.
Core action gameplay was implemented well enough that it's fun
most of the time, and some of the tougher boss fights are quite challenging, but overall lacks variety and balance.
The game does feel like the product of a small team, and while I can appreciate the effort and uniqueness of its setting, most of the content in it felt a bit unremarkable and at times unpolished. The game doesn't really make a strong argument for you to care about its characters, their stories or the rest of the side content. Maybe something was lost in translation? Regardless, the english localization could have used an extra grammar check.
Overall, fun if you're looking for a short game to play in short bursts, but don't come expecting a masterpiece. Might be worth it on sale.

Review from Steam

A fairly decent game which is composed of a mix of mechanics from Dynasty Warriors, Yakuza, and Persona. The combat can feel somewhat repetitive at times, as in most Warriors-type games, and the story isn't anything to write home about, but I rather enjoyed the characters, atmosphere, and style (even though it's more or else aping Persona 5 in that regard) presented within.
Overall, I feel this game is rather underrated for what it offers and if you are a fan of any of the three series I listed you will probably have a good time with this one.

Review from Steam

It's fine...
Dusk Diver was a bundled game from fanatical. Lots of Rogue lites or whatever was in it. So depending on your tastes, this may be a hit or miss.
Dusk Diver is sort of a persona feeling quick shot of a game. Characters to talk to, help you grow and assist you in combat. It's a nice combat romp, but at the normal price you'd be practically insane not to buy other games for the price. It's not bad by any means, but games like Tales of Berseria, Devil May Cry, Ys, and other action RPGs would do a lot better for you long term. I know it says I have 24 Hours in the game, but that was just me going for all achievements because it was pretty easy to grab.
If you can get it really cheap, have at it. But frankly I swore it was going to be more than what it was. Game isn't too balanced, so focusing on hits after enemies guards are broken is the thing to do. Keeping your combo meter up to maintain your devil trigger like state is pretty fun, and if the mechanics were part of a bigger game, there would be a lot more value overall. Because it is somewhat addictive.
You could do a lot better than this. And it's no insult to the game... There's just better.

Review from Steam

I'll preface this with a short summary:
It's a fun little action game based around running stages with nice cell shaded graphics, a decent combat system that is a bit shallow but fun. It has great voice acting that really brings the characters to life properly.
The stages
There is a lot of repeating of the same stages but if you are thorough you will never have to repeat the same stage more than 3 times, once for the clear + collectibles - once for the S rank which is speed related and once for the hard mode. So they don't really overstay their welcome in my opinion.
The combat
The combat is not bad but not horrible either, it controls well, the combo's are decent and offer some variety in a really basic form (attack > heavy attack > special atk and then a second combo is attack > attack > heavy attack > special attack.... you get the idea). But it flows well and that makes it worth spending a few hours on.
The story + sidequests
The story is well, it's not horrible, it's not amazing, it's just a basic anime inspired story that doesn't really surprise either way. Rina Sato voices Yumo in japanese so that's a big plus! The voice acting in general is really on point and the story is 100% voice acted. Sidequests have no voice acting and that's fine.
To talk a little bit about the sidequests.... well. They exist. They are basically 90% fetch quests, 8% fighting, 1% weird racing quest? and 1% platforming. Some of the sidequests do have charming little stories that teach you a little bit about the area it plays in. I really liked The Brothers questline, it was fun and lighthearted with a few minor serious undertones as well but don't expect too much out of it either way. The sidequests to have quite a few unlockable costumes, most of em are recolors though but it's nice to see unlockables in a game these days.
In closing
All in all I would recommend this game if you can get it for cheap, it took me about 13 hours to finish on about 90% completion, I didn't have the motivation to continue running the same quests on hard mode and so on, I did the majority of them but not all. I got the game for about $6 from a bundle with 2 other games and that was well worth it.

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