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Dungeonrite is a First Person Dungeon Crawler inspired by the classic RPG's of the 90's. Level up your characters and gear them with the best loot you can buy (or find) as you navigate your way through perilous dungeons filled with enemies and puzzles. Voids across the realm have opened, unleashing monsters and demons across the world. You and your team must pursue the evil into the darkest places of the world, untouched for centuries, as they try to close the voids. Navigate your way through labyrinths and dungeons, solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and getting loot to make your team stronger.Features
  • The game brings back the old school challenge and the tactical combat that made the classic great. Dungeonrite keeps the original pixel art style, while improving the atmosphere with modern enhancements with 3D lighting and shadows.

  • Experience the full story and the lore. You'll meet interesting and sometimes downright humorous characters along the way. Some may even join your team, strengthening and increasing your abilities to overcome the challenges that await.

  • Exploration is vital to succeeding. Find hidden loot and solve the secrets to the puzzles in the vast and challenging networks of caves and dungeons.

  • Equip your team with a wide selection of weapons and armor. Character management and keeping your team geared up and prepared for what waits around the next turn will mean life or death.

  • Solve challenging puzzles by finding keys, flipping switches, standing on pressure plates, finding patterns, and more.
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