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Dry Drowning

Dry Drowning is an investigative thriller-oriented visual novel set in the futuristic dystopian universe of Nova Polemos. A shady socio-political situation dragging everything down to the abyss, a serial killer drawing strength from this darkness, a tormented detective and his assistant craving for redemption. Dry Drowning challenges the player to find the truth, going through ambiguous characters, riddles, clues and unexpected events, while telling an extremely compelling and mature story. Choices really matter: Players choices can lead to an always different story, with more than 150 story branches and 3 completely different endings Heavy moral choices: Dramatically change the way you live the game, affecting background politics, technology, environment, NPC encounters, who lives and who dies High replayability: More than 20 hours gameplay to see everything about Time travel: Explore the detective's flashbacks and investigate cases from the past to help you solve new ones Psychological interrogations: Break the masks and uncover the truth with the Living Nightmares system Original soundtrack: dynamic OST with more than 50 audio tracks, some of which live recorded, for more than 2 hours of music
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

– Andrew, what’s happening?
– Bad news, my dear Gabriela. We are free.

Review from Steam

While Dry Drowning might not be revolutionary in any capacity and the interface is clunky sometimes. I consider it to be a very well made detective visual novel with a lot of nice ideas. The devs poured a lot of love into it and that's appareent.
If you like the genere I wouldn't hesitate.

Review from Steam

pretty nice vn and art, very dark.