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Drive 4 Survival

Survival takes it to a whole new level and offers a completely new adventure. Today's story invites you to use all your survival potential and try to achieve a good result. Don't waste your time and just start gradually exploring all the available adventure elements that you will surely enjoy and will give you a reason to challenge nature. You will not always be able to clearly control all your capabilities, since the main feature of the game will be that now the game will have a system of seasonal weather change. And quite often you have to adjust to changing conditions. And as you might guess, the most dangerous period will be winter.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game may look odd, but it has a lot of zombie survival elements with all the random events going on at all times. Like while your looting a building 5 raider vehicles pull up outside in turns, a bear can spawn behind said raiders and they end up shooting/mauling each other. So far the gameplay is very funny but still manage to be entertaining.
The games graphics are identical to the assets used in The Walking Zombie 2 game, I have no clue if its the same game company, or the assets are free/cheap in the asset store. So basically it looks a little weird but the charm is there as its still a pixelated game.
Would i recommend?
I would recommend it if it was free or on sale, the game is still quite early BUT if your a player that enjoys finding bugs and having fun with said bugs found in EA games and you enjoy survival zombie games then this is an okay game for you to try.
Other games i recommend:
Try out Unturned, its free and its somewhat similiar in gameplay, though unturned is a fully fleshed out game. You can give it a shot while this one bakes a bit more.

Review from Steam

I wish I could give a meh option. I see potential in this game, but it isn't the best thing ever. At the moment its a good thing to do when you are listening to like a podcast or something because there isn't a whole lot of meaningful action.

Review from Steam

I have to say a few things before I affirm the positive review.
Please fix these and I will love the game 100% more:
When walking sometimes you clip on something or just stutter and it can get really bothersome.
Aiming sensitivity can feel really aggressive making aiming a bit difficult, I noticed bullets seem to be HUGE in the simulation. If you can fix the aiming you can reduce the bullet size making the combat feel much better.
Vehicles 'torque' feels too low; hills are hard to climb and you often roll backwards. I don't know how you have setup the cars but they feel like they have no horses under the hood, or the tires have no grip. Either the cars need to stick to the world better, or they need to be able to push a little harder.
Vehicle breaks need improving, vehicles stop as if they are always going nearly 170+ the physics feels right, but the amount of force applied seems off.
If you hit a biological entity with a car it seems unaffected. It should probably die, but most importantly it stops you like a concrete barrier. A humanoid or canine should not stop a vehicle moving 80+mph instantly and practically total it.
Otherwise this game is so close to being one of my absolute favorite. It is well laid out, the concepts are fun and make you want to keep playing. I enjoy playing the game and talking about it with other people is exciting, the game itself is awesome but the roll out is a little rough. I have been patient with this game and will continue to be as long as progress is made.

Review from Steam

Love the concept, but at them moment is very rough. I think with a few good audio, and AI fixes this game could be great, definitely hanging onto it to see what it turns into in the future, keep it up guys.

Review from Steam

Good game.