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Become a DragonRider!DragonRideVR is an interactive fantasy experience with 7 game modes that immerses you into 10 stunning magical worlds. Fly your own dragon or choose from a variety of preset rides and game settings. Test your marksmanship by shooting targets and balloons or, swing your swords to the beat of the music in RhythmRide!Game features:• Collect crystals as you play and customize your dragon and accessories.• Immerse yourself in 10 fantasy worlds• Choose to fly your own Dragon or let it take you for a ride while you relax and take in the view!Dragon Rides: Hop on the back of a dragon for a pre-set ride! Choose from walking, flying, swimming, and even underwater diving!Panoramic Views: Take in the beauty of the different worlds in a stationary view mode.Rhythm Ride: Swing your swords to the musical beats! Pop the balloons and break the targets as you fly towards them on the back of the dragon. Be sure to match up the color and direction to get maximum points!25 hand-crafted songs with 5 difficulty levels.5 ride types: From smooth to the more challenging wild ride! Unlock custom options as you progress. These rides are not only easy to play, but they're a great workout!Target Games: Shoot targets and balloons on the back of a dragon, automatically activate magic spells (while they last) to help improve your score! Find the 9 Power-Up spells within the game.FreeFly - You control the dragon!Explore Mode: Play for hours, collect Crystals and find the Secrets.Explore the magical worlds on your terms.Egg Hunt: Find the lost dragon eggs before time runs out!Balloon Hunt: Pop balloons to get as many points as possible!In addition, on PS5™ consoles: PlayStation Camera adaptor for PS Camera is required (no purchase necessary) go to Playstation.com/camera-adaptor.
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